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Iowa Ain’t All That 2024

A high hovering over Greenland blocked the Arctic jet stream and the southern diversion plunged the Center of the USA into severe sub-zero temperatures. The low in Iowa for the 2024 Presidential Caucus was anywhere from -13 to -30 breaking all records. The media have been rattling on about the importance of the GOP vote […]


Kenya, the River Platte, Flanders Vienna, Istanbul, Berlin Versus Moscow, London, and Paris 1914 to 1918 An assassination in Sarajevo to the Treaty of Versailles World War I Machine guns, trenches, blood Airplanes, Zeppelins, blood Gas, barbed wire, blood Death in a thousand fields Verdun Gallipoli Tannenburg Emperors’ armies Nations’ will Men’s blood Victory and […]


Last week the Justice Department rescinded the plea bargain deal with Hunter Biden. his crime was lying about drug use while purchasing a 9mm. His girlfriend had thrown out the weapon supposedly fearing that he might harm himself. Someone traced it back to The President’s son. I am guilty of drug use, but only in […]

The Stars Beyond Our Touch

The stars have obsessed Man throughout our existence on the planet. We have stared at the distant pinpoints of light and asked if anyone was out there. Our ancient ancestors thought the cosmos was the home of the gods, Christians prayed upward to heaven, and modern scientists have mapped the universe with telescopes. Our early […]

The Reign Of A Nationalist

Last spring my friend was driving me across Dutchess County to catch the train in Dover Plains. The road passed through rural community surrounded by billionaires’ estates. We passed through an abandoned village and the last house flew a Rebel flag in the front yard. I told my friend to stop. “Why?” “Because I’m going […]