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April 1, 1980 Journal Entry East Village

April 1 Frank’s Birthday April Fool’s Day 1979 Yesterday Michael Selbach and I felt the urge for a short trip up the Hudson on his Kawasaki 650cc motorcycle. The day was sunny and I dressed in white denims; jacket and jeans, then rode the subway up to Times Square. The David’s Pot Belly’s cook waited […]

April 11, 1982 Paris – Journal Entry

Easter morning 1982 in Paris I’m playing backgammon for money with a Chilean coke dealer in a basement apartment across from Notre Dame. I have two Moulin Rouge dancers with me. Dressed in their show gear. Snorting coke, drinking whiskey coke and beating Jose every game. Dawn comes and the cathedral bells are bonging out […]

December 15, 1978 – East Village – Journal

December 12, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Poor Alice bears the financial brunt of our relationship. Beyond that she is my love and a good woman to my heart. We still haven’t had sex and she hasn’t had her period. Three weeks and she sleeps in the other room. I hear her crying and try to comfort her, but I haven’t the […]

December 9, 1978 – East Village – Journal

I haven’t seen Alice all day. My honey has been deluged by problems. The previous show’s Emcee, David McDermott, bailed on presiding over METRO NOVELTIES. A day before the opening. His resignation might have occured, because Klaus Nomi garnered all the praise, ignoring his hilarious haute fey frontman performance. Alice said nothing about the whys, […]