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April 1, 1980 Journal Entry East Village

April 1 Frank’s Birthday April Fool’s Day 1979 Yesterday Michael Selbach and I felt the urge for a short trip up the Hudson on his Kawasaki 650cc motorcycle. The day was sunny and I dressed in white denims; jacket and jeans, then rode the subway up to Times Square. The David’s Pot Belly’s cook waited […]


High above the Hudson Over four hundred feet Someone help this stranded pilgrim To see into a forgotten America I’ve been trapped in a city of concrete and steel. Drinking and drugging Ignoring the Call of the Wild. From the storm King Highway I hear the scream. Come see me Come see America. Before it’s […]

Bridges On The Hudson

The Kaaterskil Creek flows east out of the Catskill Mountains into the Hudson. The creek has existed since the Ice Age. The primordial Glacial Shield destroyed the mountains. Granite tops their ruined peaks. A land of wonder. In the 1840s Thomas Cole immortalized the view of the mountain ridges from his veranda in Catskill. The […]

2017 February

A snow day. Eight inches and more. Everyone took a snow day. The white snow covered all of Fort Greene. I traveled north to Catskill on the Hudson. Every miles brought me to the grasp of winter. The Hudson River flowed in the light of the setting sun. Charlotta met me at the station and […]

Winter Boom Boom

Last night I heard a rumble from the river. The thunder sounded like a battle. I worried that the Canadians had attacked New York City. I called several friends living on the Hudson. The growling grew louder. Finally Rod Longprong answered his phone. “I heard the same thing. It’s fireworks.” “Fireworks for what?” “For Super […]