Boycott FIFA World Cup – Qatar

The Qatar peninsula has been populated for thousands of years. In the 1800s the peninsula provided pearls to the Ottoman Empire and later became a British Protectorate. The sleepy Gulf city gained importance with the discovery of oil and natural gas. Its economy swelled with the worldwide demand for fossil fuels and enriched the ruling Thani family with billions of petrol dollars, enabling the small peninsula to win in 2011 the rights the the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal were hired by employment agencies demanding exorbitant fees to guarantee a working visa. All these men were seeking to support their impoverished families, however they were cheated of their wages and thousands have died under the desert sun without any criticism from FIFA the governing body for the World Cup.

Money overruled any and all abuses.

The 2014 Word Cup in Brazil cost $13 billion.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia topped $15 billion.

That was nothing.

The bill for the 2022 Qatar World has been estimated at $370 billion from oil price manipulations or the combined GDP of the fifty poorest countries on Earth.

Human rights were trampled by the Qatar Sharia law.

FIFA backed their choice to the hilt.

I’ve watched most of this century’s World Cup, but I am boycotting Qatar 100%.

The horrible living conditions of the migrant workers, the uncounted death, the cheating them of wages, and FIFA’s corruption has destroyed one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

Fuck Qatar. Fuck FIFA. Fuck the World Cup.


It’s not too late.

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