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Not Again Not Ever

The KKK was founded by Southern white supremacists after the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. Armed bands of ex-soldiers roamed the night to terrorize freed slaves and elected former CSA General Nathan Forrest was elected Grand Dragon of the racist organization. Thousands of blacks were killed during this first reign of terror and the […]

Nacht Und Nebel 2011

In the summer of 1982 Count-No-Count phoned my East Village apartment. Kurt was calling from Hamburg with an offer of a job as ‘tursteher’ at his nightclub BSIR. The pay for a doorman was $150 a night, free accommodations, and all I could drink. Being dead-broke I answered, “Ja.” I spoke bad German with a […]

Babi Yar Ala Gaza

On 29–30 September 1941 outside of Kyiv the Nazi occupiers of that city rounded up the city’s Jews and marched them to a ravine called Babi Yar. Throughout the next two days the SS Sondercommando squad massacred some thirty-four thousand men, women, and children. No one was spared, although twenty-nine people survived the killings by […]

Jews For The Orange Jesus

After the recent Shabbas I met with my Hassidic and Conservative Jewish friends. All of them had met in prison. For the most part their crime was fraud and I didn’t consider them criminals. Ex-cons yes, but not criminals. They were drinking kosher wine and whiskey. I stayed with water, as I was waiting for […]

No Freedom Of Speech for Nazis

Last year hundreds of far right extremists gathered in Charlottesville VA to protest the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee. The city mayor refused to grant a permit to the various alt-right groups, however the ACLU argued that the ban was an infringement on the 1st Amendment and a judge from the […]