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Nacht Und Nebel 2011

In the summer of 1982 Count-No-Count phoned my East Village apartment. Kurt was calling from Hamburg with an offer of a job as ‘tursteher’ at his nightclub BSIR. The pay for a doorman was $150 a night, free accommodations, and all I could drink. Being dead-broke I answered, “Ja.” I spoke bad German with a […]

THE BOUQUET OF RUINS by Peter Nolan Smith

Dec 1982 Some cities are best defined by songs such as APRIL IN PARIS or AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, but Hamburg defied music, especially as winter weather skimmed off the North Sea to besiege the harbor city with endless rain, cold, and darkness. Every day the night conquered a few more minutes of light and […]

A Last Night At the Royal Lieu

Paris was a beautiful city in 1985. I worked the door at several nightclubs around the city. My bosses were Albert and Serge. We also had a club in London, the Cafe de Paris, and another in Nice, Le Nautique. Jacques was my partner at the door. The ex-con was a soothing balm to my […]

May 9 1990 – Kathmandu – Nepal – Journal Entry

Kathmandu is a magical city. I stumbled on a procession for the Kumari, the living goddess, in Thamel. These young girls are chosen from the Newari tribe to serve as living vessel for the Hindu goddess Durga until menstruation. The word Kumari means ‘virgin’ in Nepali. They are revered for their purity, but soldiers disrupted […]

Journal Entry – May 29,1983 – Paris

A journal entry from 1983 My 31st birthday party at Jurgen’s house on Rue de la Tour with Bridget, Tony, Tracy, Alfredo, Karine, Diana, Olivier, T, Rufus,David, Philip Brook, everyone absolutely smacked out on Persian brown. Julie Cole was the only straight person. The less about this evening the better. Tony later said, “Anyone who […]