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The Shadow of Le Cafe de Flore

The Shadows of the Cafe de Flore Out on the Myrtle Avenue terrace composing a poem about le’ terrasse de le Cafe de Flore. The City of light will always hold a good part of my soul Early April Evening On Myrtle Avenue The neighborhood Afoot on the sidewalk The car traffic dying down Not […]

La Ruche Petite Dejeuner 1985

A rainy morning Impasse de Danzig La Ruche The gray morning light lays as an allure On your bare skin My hand glides up your divine spine To rest beneath an angel wing shoulder. Heartbeat steady My fingers memorize the eternity of your youth. This touch will last forever. I think___ The door opens Your […]

THE WRONG SIZE SHOES by Peter Nolan Smith

Twenty-five minutes after the stroke of Twelve New Year’s Eve 1982 a masked assassin shot dead the main investor a block away from the Continental Club on West 25th Street. The FBI and NYPD Internal Affairs investigating Viktor Malenski’s murder and quickly drew lines between the dots. My ex-girlfriend was living with the dead man’s […]

Le Ville de Gris

“Paris, as everyone knows, is pre-eminently a gray city. I mention it because, in the realm of watercolor, American painters use this made-to-order gray excessively and obsessively. In France the range of grays is seemingly infinite; here the very effect of gray is lost.” Henry Miller – Quiet Days In Clichy. I recalled walking On […]

April 11, 1982 Paris – Journal Entry

Easter morning 1982 in Paris I’m playing backgammon for money with a Chilean coke dealer in a basement apartment across from Notre Dame. I have two Moulin Rouge dancers with me. Dressed in their show gear. Snorting coke, drinking whiskey coke and beating Jose every game. Dawn comes and the cathedral bells are bonging out […]