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April Fools Day 2022

My older brother was born on April 1. His profession is the Law. Five years ago he told my sister, also an attorney, that he would have no problem defending Satan or any other client as long as they paid his fees. My nephew was in an Ivy League. His tuition cost more than I […]

Men Versus Women The Eternal Struggle

?Women are always right and they are never more right then when they are wrong and you try to convince of this.” James Steele Women are different animals from men as proven by this mail from Brian LeBouef featuring a short story exercise written by a male and female student at the U of Phoenix. […]

THE BEST OF DAYS by Peter Nolan Smith

Once a month Oilcan flew out of Logan to JFK for a weekly meeting at his investment firm’s main office. Traffic from the airport on the Grand Central was lighter than the previous month, which he considered another sign of the faltering economy. No wait at the Midtown Tunnel’s tollbooths was yet another signal of […]

Premmie Opps

Yesterday’s San Diego experienced a massive premature pyrotechnic premmie. Premmie is a porno term for a male lead’s miscalculated timing for the money shot otherwise known as rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, or early ejaculation which occurs according to Masters and Johnson more than 50% of coitus between a man and a woman. Kinsey […]

Faster Than A Ferrari

Several years ago I challenged a friend to a race across Manhattan. I was on my bicyle. He was driving a Ferrari. The bet was $100. We left the restaurant at the same time. He showed up at the bar twenty minutes after me. Then again I cheated. I ran the red lights. He tried […]