April Fools Day 2022

My older brother was born on April 1. His profession is the Law.

Five years ago he told my sister, also an attorney, that he would have no problem defending Satan or any other client as long as they paid his fees. My nephew was in an Ivy League. His tuition cost more than I earned last year. My brother needed clients and a lot of them, including the Devil and the Brockton Police, who were more wicked than sin.

This morning I phoned his office to wish him ‘happy birthday, but couldn’t resist playing a prank.

“Can I speak with one of the partners? My name is James Steele and I represent Phillip Morris.”

No one is more evil than the tobacco companies, except the CIA torturer Jame Steele.

The secretary transferred the call and my brother came on the line.

“Your brother lost a court case against our firm. He didn’t even bother to show up for the trial.”

“Trial for what?”

“Copyright infringement.” My brother had no idea about my business in Thailand. “The judgment was $550,000.”

“What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, it’s your birthday and I thought I’d give you a scare.”

“Being my age is scary enough.” My brother finally recognized my voice and cursed me out. “Happy fucking April Fools Day.”

Actually some of that story was true as are the best lies.

A little true and a little not and you have an April Fools prank, of course no one in America can explain why 4/1 was a day for stupid pranks. Some people theorized that after the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar May 1 was the day designated for planting your crops. Anyone doing so before that date was an ‘April Fool’.

April 1 had also been the first day of the year in France.

Back in the past people had to depend on kings and priests for the right dates.

And there was no trusting those higher-class types in the Dark Ages.

Not now either, which is why each year I mark the calendar for my brother’s birthday.

He’s a year older too.

13 months to be exact, but who’s counting.

Certainly not this fool.

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