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Free Love for Fools

“Several years back I sipping an afternoon tea at my Pattaya local off Soi Concrete. My kidneys were extremely fragile after the previous weekend?s industrial drinking at the Buffalo Bar of Sai 3. As I finished reading the sports in the Bangkok Post, a thick-bellied Australian waddled down the steep stairs. The local rented rooms […]

Time to go Home

Chris Rock does a piece about why men get married. “You don’t want to end up the old guy at the club.” The old guy at the club. Pattaya was filled with them. Drinking, drugs, chatting with girls, going to sin here and there. I’m a witness. I like the night life. Always have. My […]

SKATING ON THIN ICE by peter nolan smith

Thailand’s monsoons coincide with low season in Pattaya, but none lower than this Covid season. Hotels offer special rates and the bargirls call everyone ‘sexy’, but the global travel chaos due to the deadly pandemic has forced the Thai Tourist Board to revise their typically optimistic projection for arrivals to the Land of Smiles, especially […]

THE END OF BABYLON by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya had long been recognized as the world’s leading destination for sex addicts and lowlifes attracted to the sordid city on the Gulf of Siam by the countless bars, the easy women, lax enforcement of law, crooked police, rampant drug use, stunning ladyboys, and young boys. My ten years in the Last Babylon furthered my […]

THE PRICE OF PURITY by Peter Nolan Smith

Ten years ago during the monsoon season a biblical deluge swept the sois of Pattaya. refuge from an early evening deluge in a very ordinary beer bar off Pattaya’s Soi Excite. I parked my motor scooter under an awning a very ordinary beer bar off Soi Excite and scooted for shelter. The rain cascaded off […]