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May 1, 1978 – Journal Entry

None of us at CBGBs were hippies, but some of us liked ice hockey. Last night the New York Islanders were knocked out of the Stanley playoffs by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tomorrow the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup begin with the Bruins versus the Flyers and the fucking Habs against the Maple Leafs. And […]

THE CURSE OF A NE’ER-DO-WELL by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in 1974 I was going out with a sixteen year-old high school student from Brookline. Hilde’s father, th editor for the Boston Globe, was separated from her mother. Ann was insane, but many insane people lived normal existences and Ann was the mother of six kids. Her new husband, a VP at Bose Speakers, […]

THE SEASON FOR GIVING by Peter Nolan Smith

Early on the morning of December 24, 1985 Vonelli, Lizzie and I entered the Gard Du Nord. We walked down the platform to our train. Our breath hung in the frosty winter air. Lizzie exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. The singer loved her Gaulloises. “So tell me again why we are going le Ile […]

FEAR OF HEIGHTS By Peter Nolan Smith

As the summer surrendered in August 1989. The days were colder on the Cote du Rousillion. I ended my stay in Perpignan by the Spanish border and hitchhiked east to visit English friends in the Luberon. We had a great time touring the historic valley. There I survived a suicide attempt when a wild boar […]

A MOTHER’S LAST WISH by Peter Nolan Smith

After Christmas 1997 my mother entered the final stages of her battle with cancer. These last rounds were not a pretty site, but her beauty remained intact to the end. Several days after the New Year my mother held my hand and said, “I’m so happy I made Christmas.” “Me too.” I thought about John […]