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On The March 2013

Yesterday afternoon I was working on a small film at the northern end of Mulberry Street with my friend Eric Marciano. I caught sight of a three young black robed priests carrying a large wooden cross. About a hundred teenagers followed the Jesus wannabes. Their faces glowed with devotion to their faith. The director, knowing […]

Lawang Jesus 2020

I’m thousands of miles away from Thailand. I wished I could click my heels and find myself in Sri Racha with my family, but instead I shut my eyes and visualize Easter morning on Pattaya’s Beach Road. Most Christian farangs are sleeping off celebratory drunks, hoping to rise from the dead for a recuperative beer […]

Tarzan Jesus 2023

A religious festival in Guatemala featured a Jesus on a very high pole. The spectacle turned bad when ‘Jesus’ fell from his crucifixion perch, but luckily caught hold of a wire to break his fall. A miracle for Tarzan Jesus. His father was part god/ part ape. To watch Tarzan Jesus fall, please go to […]

Dinner With Lazurus

According to John 12:1 six days before Passover Jesus visited Lazarus, whom he had risen from the grave the previous year. Dinner was served by Lazurus’ sister, Martha. His last miracle. “Silami?” Aramaic for ‘how are you doing?’ must have been his Resurrectionist’s greeting. “Better than being dead or in Beersheba,” Lazarus have joked. “Anidanidi […]

What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus stole money from the Temple. He only fed the people one time. The New Testament never mentioning his picking up the tab starving 1000s of people of his era. He didn’t visited his mother o’er Hannukah. There is no mention of a child in the Book Of John. Except for narcissist Jesus. And this […]