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Oliver Stone Film Stop in Chiang Mai – 2007

Big Al called from Pattaya this week, while I was in Bangkok getting a pension paper notarized at the American embassy. At age fifty the Thai government issued a year-long retirement visa for foreign citizens over fifty-five. Americans had no need to show that they had $20,000 in the bank to receive this boon. No […]

Lawang Jesus 2020

I’m thousands of miles away from Thailand. I wished I could click my heels and find myself in Sri Racha with my family, but instead I shut my eyes and visualize Easter morning on Pattaya’s Beach Road. Most Christian farangs are sleeping off celebratory drunks, hoping to rise from the dead for a recuperative beer […]


My first trip to the Orient was in 1990. A round-the-world ticket. One destination was Singapore. The Straits city was already undergoing its metamorphosis from a colonial port to a gleaming metropolis of skyscrapers. Raffles had been closed for renovations. I stayed at a cheap Chinese hotel in a decrepit godown. The walls climbed toward […]

LOVE YOU LONG TIME – CHAPTER 2 by Peter Nolan Smith

The Garuda 747 landed in Biak. I exit the 747 with a single missionary. A taxi brought me to the old Dutch hotel opposite the airport. The large island dominated the north of Irian Jaya. The slate blue bay of Cendrawasih mirrored the equatorial sky. Males went naked except for a gourd on their penis. […]

LOVE YOU LONG TIME – CHAPTER 7 by Peter Nolan Smith

Despite the success of Italian Plan I obsessed on Ae all the time. I drank beer with her father and brother. They said she was crazy. They also had new clothes and watches. The Italian had bought their loyalty with more than beer. I had to get out of town before I did something monumentally […]