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NASA Pai Ban

President Eisenhower created NASA in 1958 with the help of Nazi scientist Werner Braun. The Free World had to be defended by Free Space. Missiles, rockets, satellites shuttles soared into orbit with the aim of exploring the heavens. Sadly funds to NASA have been cut dramatically in the 21st Century, as the GOP and America […]

The Promises of an Exile

The hot season precedes the monsoons in Thailand. The oncoming cooler weather provides the opposing political parties a good time frame for strategies designed to renew the conflict between the deposed PM Thaksin and the ruling leader of elite or ‘khong chan suung’. The upper classes are fighting to retain their aristocratic privileges, while the […]

The High Cost of the Thai Drug War

Last month over 300 Thai cops invaded Soi 6 off Pattaya’s Beach road in search of evil-doers. No search warrants. No habeus corpus. No rights for the sex workers of that inglorious street. The cops conducted urine tests of hundreds of women and after the test results came in positive, they arrested almost 16 women […]

The Reach of Old Blue Eyes

America’s interest in the world is normally focused on terrorists and France’s inability to follow the political edicts of the White House. This heart-felt isolationism has spawned a myth of only 10% of Americans possess a passport. My fellow countrymen rarely leave the confines of the Land of the Free. Our last president’s only trip […]

Bangkok Burning

I love Bangkok. Soi Duplei and the Malaysia Hotel. The klong ferries. Sunset drinks at the Oriental Hotel. Cold beer at a go-go bar in Nana Plaza with the Old Roue. Street food. Smiles. Chaos. The city is a no-go zone thanks to the Army’s efforts to evict the red shirts from their barricades. Their […]