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DONT FEED THE BEARS by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the last century I headed up to Maine for my youngest sister’s birthday. Watchic Pond was a short distance outside of Portland. Not much had changed along Route 25 and even less at the lake, except the pine trees were taller and we were a little older. After a long day lazing around […]

Make Mine Rare

Two Labor Day weekends ago in Maine my brother-in-law and I had several discussions about whether it was better to BBQ with charcoal or gas. The world’s leading leisurologist voted for gas and I bowed to the swami’s greater savvy on this subject. Some subjects you have to leave to the experts.

Labor Day Travel

Written Sep 1, 2022 In 2008 my good friend Alan Vaughan called from Gary, Indiana. He was driving to Florida. I told him I was leaving Palm Beach for New England. We hadn’t seen each other in a good 6 or 7 years. “How you getting north?” “I’m hitchhiking on I-95. I figure it will […]

August 1, 1995 – The South Shore / Watchic Pond – Journal Entry

I had planned on leaving for Asia the previous weekend, but after a long phone call with Todd Shigekane, I decided to bus north and visit Michael’s grave as well as my grieving mother. She had lost her baby son. His birth on December 7, 1960 was clear in my head. Thirty-five years ago. I […]

Happy 62th Father’s Day Poo Frank

My father passed away over twelve years ago. Today would have been his 62nd Father?s Day. Frank A Smith II was my best friend. Still is. He loved my mother and mourned her early passing from this life. My father loved his kids. All six of us. Frank III, Regina, Pam, Patrick, Michael, and me. […]