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The Outrage of Christ

< THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST by Nikos Kazantzakis was a revelation for a young Catholic boy living on the South Shore of Boston in 1967. I found the book in our town library next to his successful novel ZORBA THE GREEK. The blurb on the dust cover shockingly declared that Kazantzakis had written this […]

Rent-Free Hell 2016

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and on the C train between Hoyt-Schemmerhorn and Lafayette Street a young man was preaching about the wrath of his lord. “God loves his flock, but hates a sinner. All you sinners will have a special place of torment in Hell.” He glared about the subway car like Josef Mengele, the […]

Burning In Hell

2016 From David Henderson: The most coherent explanation for global warming I have ever heard. Courtesy of Mr Peter Nolan Smith “People have abandoned the Bible and now are going to hell in record numbers. Every year millions of American sinners are condemned to a blazing eternity. Most of these sinners are fat from eating […]

Heaven and Hell 1999

Hell and Heaven are the same place. And it is also possible to die in the next world, for it has boundaries unlike this universe. Mysteries are not solve and the body can deteriorate over time, which flows in giant spirits in the blink of an eye. You can experience every second or miss thirty […]

Heaven or Hell

Two old men are living in Miami Beach. Their hotel is undergoing renovations. The entire neighborhood has been transformed by young trendies. Izzy and Moishe sit on the terrace of the Breezemore Hotel and watch the parade of millenials. They are feeling their age and Izzy says, “You know Moishe, we’ve had a good life, […]