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What Will Be Tomorrow – Kilimanjaro

The 2020 Kili Initiative team left Kibo Hut at midnight. I wished them well on the final stage of the climb. The falling snow turned to sleet. My brother Ma’we said, “You should come, my brother.” “I know.” I had failed to summit in 2019. My right ankle was weak and my thin gloves guaranteed […]

Leaving Simba Hut

Morning came early at Simba Hut at 2771 meters above sea level. I had had a bad night, despite my tent having been erected on flat ground without any rocks or stones to disturb with my sleep. My guts had been in full rebellion, thanks to the goat innards soup from the Kibo Lodge BBQ. […]

Rongyai Gate 2019 – Kili Initiative

The next morning the snow gleamed atop Kilimanjaro. The Kili Intiative 2019 team packed non-essentials into bags for storage at the Marangu Hotel. My Kilimanjaro equipment lay on the bed. Ma’we ruthlessly eliminated my journal, SNOW OF KILIMANJARO, and any excess. “The less you carry the better for you and your porter.” He checked off […]

A Last Beer

Back From Africa 2020

Once more Tim Challen, director of the Kili Initiative, invited me to participate in the 2020 Kilimanjaro Climb with youths from Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. I left New York mid-February for a 13 hour flight to Africa and a short connecting leg to Mochi Aeroport in Tanzania followed by a two-hour taxi ride to […]