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May Day Thailand

Thailand has an amazing galaxy on public holidays, mostly religious or honoring the royal family history. Many farangs are befuddled by this unexplained cosmos, especially since the nation celebrates three different New Year’s Days. Western, Chinese, and Thai. Today is a bank holiday in Thailand, but few Thais or westerners know the origin of this […]

May Day -2014

May Day 2014 I was sitting at my desk in the Fort Greene observatory. I knew today was an important labor holiday, but I wish that I was working and traveled up to Manhattan’s Diamond District so yesterday to my old boss from the Diamond District. “I wish I could give you a job, but […]

Kate Teale – David Henderson Opening – May 1

I love both their works. I’ll be there at 1 PM. If permitted I might blather about Art. “Art is a good name for a man.” Andy Warhol.

Burn Credit Card Burn

Yesterday I watched the Occupy Wall Street protests online. The police herded the thousands of demonstrators from square to street to sidewalk until the manifestation was broken down into smaller manageable groups, but I was waiting for a spokesperson to articulate the general message of OWS. There has been none. In the 60s we protest […]