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THE DUKE OF ROCK by Peter Nolan Smith

Published on 5/2/2010 I don’t own a television. My laptop provided most of the programming necessary for entertainment, although the online screen resembles that of an airline economy-class movie presentation. The only gap on my computer has been sporting events and I fill that absence by heading down to Frank’s Bar on Fulton Avenue. Last […]

The Second Coming Of Rockets Redglare

Rockets Redglare was a native New Yorker. His family was tough. He was born addicted to heroin. His childhood was no fairy tale and Rockets moved to the East Village to escape his past. He couldn’t outrun heroin and his habit became the thing of legends on the Punk Scene. Rockets could score anywhere and […]

Crack-Smoking Anti-Christ

The ex-model from Paris has named Barack Obama as the Anti-Christ on a number of occasions, mostly every day and hourly if she is in the mood. Her prediction of the apocalypse is based on the teachings of a fundamentalist preacher from the Bible Belt. This snake-biting man of God found proof of the President […]