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IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 2 By Peter Nolan Smith

Two weeks after Labor Day the Continental opened its door without a liquor license. Limos lined West 25th Street well past dawn, as models, actresses, and strippers danced with abandon to the city’s best DJs. Movie stars snorted coke with two-bit dealers and national politicians seduced Amazonian TVs on pop-art sofas. Few revelers cared about […]

IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 1 By Peter Nolan Smith

New York in the summer of 1981 was everything it hadn’t been in the winter of 1979. The temperature boiled the asphalt. Punk had been replaced by New Wave and somehow the city had escaped bankruptcy. Money flowed on the streets and even the East Village exhibited signs of regeneration, since abandoned tenements can only […]

Social Distancing a la Covid

Phase 2 of the Covid re-opening was announced by Mayor DeBlasio on Monday June 22, 2020 Outdoor dining was to be allowed, although it didn’t happen till July with Governor Cuomo assessing that wth less than 1% infection test levels, New York State had exited from the death grip of April and May. New Yorkers […]

The Ghost Town Of Anarchy

During the last debate Donald Trump called New York City a ghost town. Having lived here in the 1970s I refuted the pseudo-POTUS. The Big Orange doesn’t know shit from Shinola. I admit the city blacked out in 1977. I had a good time that night, drinking with my gay friends and trying to smash […]

And Now A Heat Wave

The sun rose today and burned off the morning overcast. The temperature swiftly climbed from 80 F to 93 F by midday. I thought about traveling to Rockaway Beach, but I’m still nursing the aches and pains from of a bicycle crash. Tomorrow I need to go to the Diamond District and the weather services […]