Orange Man Cometh to New York

While several presidents have been executed by the shadow powers; Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, and JFK, none of been arrested for criminal behavior until today when Donald Trump will be arraigned in New York City for having his Michael Cohen pay $130,000 to Stormy Daniels, an adult-entertainment actress, to quash her outing their 2006 one-night stand in Lake Tahoe right before the 2016 Presidential Election. Mr. Trump has always denied that he had ever had sex with the XXX actress, believing the old adage ‘whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ applied to Lake Tahoe.

Stormy probably kept her mouth shut, but someone had leaked and several exploitative news media actively sought a paid interview with Mrs. Daniels. She was on the verge of accepting Touch Magazine’s offer in 2011, but backed off after an unknown man threatened violence to her, her family, and daughter. The two parties finally came to an agreement during the 2016 campaign and Ms. Daniels was thrice stiffed by Donald Trump. Finally Michael Cohen paid out his own pocket, expecting to be righted by his friend. He got butkus from the butkiss and In August 2018, Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to tax-evasion and breaking campaign finance rules, in part related to his payment to Ms Daniels and another alleged Trump lover according to the BBC News.

His lawyer thought he might get a presidential pardon.


In 2018 he pled guilty In Manhattan Federal Court to Criminal Tax Evasion And Campaign Finance Violations and six other charges. He was fucked, because Trump had been too cheap to pay the woman what she deserved from a one-night stand.

We reprobates and sinners have a saying in the Last Babylon.”

“You don’t pay a working woman for sex. You pay them to go away.”

Today Trump showed up at court and pleaded not guilty to thirty-four criminal charges.

This for the man who once boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.

Maybe, but not stiffing with a working class woman.
As the Thais say, “Sum num nah.”

Serve you right, although there was no perp walk and no bail, because the charges don’t require bail unlike the thousands of suspects awaiting trial in the New York City prison system.

Personally I would have loved him to be held in Rikers Island, however the ex-president will be flying back to Florida wot meet with his supporters at his Mar-e-Lago resort. There were less than ten in New York. Chicken shits, but at least the crazy GOP congresswoman showed. She has sand.

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