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CRAZY MUSLIMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Yesterday I called my ‘niece’ Andy to wish her Happy new Year. She had already left the diamond exchange and explained that she was having a drink at the Plaza Hotel bar. “I’m meeting my sister and her wife for Rosh Hashanah.” “Nice, I’m in Brooklyn, otherwise I’d come and meet you.” The beautiful brunette […]

ROSH A HOMA by Peter Nolan Smith

Six years ago I sat in Frank’s Lounge with Vince. The owner’s nephew and I discussed a teaching position as a creative writer. The offer sounded good and the Fort Greene native said, “Hell, I have a four day weekend thanks to Rush a homa.” “You mean Rosh Hashanah?” My boss from the Diamond District […]

9/11 Plus 6

Bring me the head of Osama Bin Laden! The Pentagon increased the reward for OBL to $50,000,000 tax-free Dead or Alive. No takers. The al-Quada mastermind responded to this ante with video inviting the West to embrace Islam or else. Faced with those two options I regretfully have to inform the world’s most wanted fugitive […]

Bound to Burn at the Stake

Written April 22, 2009 My Argentinean friend, Dampira, send a Facebook survey of what Biblical character she would be. The website search engine decided Deborah, a prophetess of the Old Testament. My apostasy forced a rude reaction. “Better you were Mary Magdalene. A fucking whore.” Dampira was taken aback at my vehemence and I explained […]

BLESS ME FATHER by Peter Nolan Smith

Written February 10, 2022 My First Holy Communion and Confirmation of Faith to the Catholic Church took place at a church in Maine in 1960. My mother dressed me in white to symbolize the purity of my soul, although she had me wear a red jacket with a black velvet lapel. I had a fight […]