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Burn Bible Burn 2011

The sun never set on the British Empire in the 19th Century. Queen Victoria was its supreme leader. Britannia ruled the waves and her army brought order to the savage lands of Africa and Asia. The native were expected to reward their Christina overlords with natural resources and human labor. India was the crown jewel […]

Girls Will Be Boys – 2010

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone.” There are no glass houses in Afghanistan, but there are stonings for a wide variety of social offenses. Adultery is the most common, however woman are under constant threat for such trivial trespasses as leaving the house without a male family member or showing their face or attending […]

Home By Christmas 2009

Published June 9 2009 In 2009 the Pentagon has announced the capture of an American soldier by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The young man supposedly walked off base with three Afghani soldiers, although there were also reports that Bowe Bergdahl had lagged behind a patrol. A video was released by the Taliban on which the […]

Last Shot of WWI

Last night in Charlotte NC Barack Obama spoke about ending the war in Iraq. Our troops left that country in Dec 2011, but the USA maintains a large presence in Afghanistan. Only yesterday two soldiers were killed there. The president vowed to bring our troops home by 2014. VP Biden ended his speech with a […]

THE ROAD TO KABUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Afghanistan was a two-day drive from Italy in the summer of 1972. At the end of the school year my future friend Gianni bought a school bus in Milano and told his parents that he was going on vacation. Kabul was his destination. His parents offered to pay the gas, viewing the venture as a […]