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May 5, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Kim, her sister Kyle, and I walked from their apartment on Bleecker Street in a heavy evening rain. The gutters swiftly swelled with the run-off. At Broadway Kim announced that she is having her first period after her abortion. The cramps are killing her, but she said, “I’ll feel better after a drink.” We carried […]

January 3, 1979 – Journal – East Village

Alice and I get drunk at CBGBs with Bill Yusk. At CBGBs. Where else? Alice was mad at me, because she had to wait at the door. Lisa Krystal wouldn’t let her in for free without me. Kim wasn’t waitressing either. “I don’t understand why they treat you like they do.” Alice thinks I’m nothing. […]

November 3, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Last night at THE NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE SHOW at Irving Plaza was a great success, but a debacle for me. Klaus Nomi was the headliner along with a horde of starry-eyed rockers and artists. I was asked to be the security with my friends. None of us were paid, but we guaranteed free drinks . […]

Moby Dick Amnesia

Everyone of my generation was forced to read Heman Merville’s MOBY DICK. THe first line of this epic novel “Call me Ishmael” was burned into our memories and teachers spent days trying to decipher the meaning of author, but none of us were aware of MOBY DICK’s voyage in American Literature having only sold 3000 […]

Sept 6, 1994 – Maine – Journal Entry

I’ve spent the week with Willem, his wife Liz, his son Jack, and several of the Wooster Group up on Thompson Lake, Maine. Willem was extremely gracious and hospitable as was Liz, who previously had regarded me as an intrusion into their life. Both of us traveled through the yera. He to films and me […]