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December 18, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Alice left the East Village. We have lived at 256 East 10th since August. I carry her heavy blue bag down to the street corner. It’s not too cold and she’s wearing a long green Mormon dress, a distressed purple sweater, and her favorite high-heeled boots. I want her to stay with me, but both […]

Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

1975 1975 Winter Night A Palm Beach golf course The 17th green Shadows of palm trees Against a starry balmy night. I spread out a sheet I fall asleep Before dawn Water drops wakes me Not rain Green sprinklers To the west night To the east the sun Flamingoes surrounded me Not plastic Pink flamingoes […]

Labor Day Travel

Written Sep 1, 2022 In 2008 my good friend Alan Vaughan called from Gary, Indiana. He was driving to Florida. I told him I was leaving Palm Beach for New England. We hadn’t seen each other in a good 6 or 7 years. “How you getting north?” “I’m hitchhiking on I-95. I figure it will […]

135 IN THE SHADE from BACK AND FORTH a hitchhiking novel by Peter Nolan Smith

Two days later Sean and AK swam one last time at Moonlight Beach. After packing their bags, they hugged their host, Helen, then got into the Benz with Victor and Cuchillo. Victor drove the Mercedes convertible on the San Diego Freeway. AK was in the passenger seat and Victor’s boyfriend sat in the rear with […]

Tibet T-Bone 1995

This road ran between Lhasa and Kathmandu. Twenty miles farther Another dirt road diverged to Khailash. The van stopped there and drove off to the Holy Mountain A thousand kilometers away to the west. I stood at the t-bone intersection Headed south to Nepal. I couldn’t have been happier in such desolation Whereas I freak […]