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Lisa Takes A Bath 1978

My apartment at 256 East 10th Street was a relic of tenement living. There were no electrical outlets in the bedroom. A water closet had a pull chain for the overhead tank. Warped wooden floors spread to crumbling plaster walls traveled by tribes of cockroaches. Girls didn’t like the insects, but they loved the bathtub […]

May 11, 1978 III – East Village – Journal

Last night Alice and I smoked opium in my SRO. I had scored the O from Fred, my neighbor, a queen who collects Nazi memorabilia. He even has a human skin lamp and an SS female uniform. Fat she was no ELSA SHEWOLF OF THE SS. A total slave in the Toilet by the Hudson. […]

May 14, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Actors are all full of shit. Expecting attention for an unending of neuroses Pretending to be someone they are not. Unless they’re funny they bore me. Artists are much better. I prefer workers like Patrick the cook and Kim’s friend Amos. Amos’s a Southerner always quiet. I didn’t know why Kim explained he was dyslexic. […]

May 12, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Last night I drank a lot of bourbon waiting for Ro to show and accompany me to my friend’s art opening. Thankfully Mike Selbach was there with his wife. Cheryl kept ribbing me, as if she wanted to see my cruel side. Mike had enough of this at hime and went o get beers at […]

May 30, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Alice is very disturbed the progress of her senior project THE GENTLEMEN FROM VERONA at EST. She hates everyone. Mostly herself. She started on me, as we walked away from CBGBs. She had once more been made to pay. I never did. I had wanted to stay to see Patti Smith, but Alice was still […]