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A STORY OF O by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1994 Crazy Santa Klaus had a special guest card to the Russian Baths on East 10th Street. Opening time was 8Am. The steam room crew began to heat the river boulders at 6am. The two-ton stones glowed red by 7:20. Crazy Santa Claus was in the dry steam room at 7:21. He was a […]

Journal Entry – January 2, 1978

Star-crossed day for me. I saw a man retching into the snow on 2nd Avenue, obviously in the throes of alcoholic poisoning. Enough on him.

Journal Entry – December 30, 1977

After waking up late Georg and I walked from our SRO hotel to the East Village. The setting sun only lit the highest buildings. Shit,”he said, “I’ve lost another day.” “I know. We never see the sun.” “The only sun I see is only TV and it’s in Black-and-white.” “We’re becoming vampires, living only a […]

Snow Day In New York

Winter used to be the season of cold. In 1978 a blizzard dropped three feet of snow on the Northeast. The suburbs were cut off from the cities by ten-foot drifts on the highways. I lived in the East Village. At night I clomped through the yellowing slush to CBGBs. Army boots and a leather […]

IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 9 By Peter Nolan Smith

Autumn came and leaves fell from the trees. I saw friends, drank at bars, and told stories about Paris. Their laughter proved that time transformed tragedies into comedies. The night before Halloween I was sitting on my Triumph before Madame Rosa’s Bar near the Holland Tunnel. The rest of the 6th Street bikers were scattered […]