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In 1978 Anthony Scibelli shot a roman-photo based on my detective poem featuring Klaus Nomi, Cookie Mueller, Clover Nolan, Andy Reese and several other friends from the downtown scene. MoMA celebrated Club 57 in 2017. When I arrived at the opening, a friend said, “You’re famous.” Tony’s photos were featured at the front entrance. No […]

BEATEN BY BLONDIE by Peter Nolan Smith

Two boys bullied me the last year of grammar school on the South Shore. The daily beating were witnessed by friends and classmates. Joe Tully and Mark Scanlon were not in good shape. They stopped after a few minutes and everyone wandered home to watch WHERE THE ACTION IS. No one ever tried to stop […]

A STEP INTO TOMORROW by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the 1970s rebellious young people fled their hometowns to find solace with like kinds in the East Village. The last decade had depopulated the Lower East Side and we found new lives in the forlorn tenements. In 1976 I escaped Boston in a stolen car and my girlfriend from West Virginia joined me […]

Club 57 Bio

Club 57 was a great venue under a Polish Church on St. Marks Place. My persona non grata status came from deserting my hillbilly girlfriend who founded the avant-garde joint. She is still a friend, although for a long time, my name was an anathema. Here’s my bio from Club 57. Peter Nolan Smith is […]