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MY LIFE WITH A PORNO STARLET #1 by Peter Nolan Smith

NEW YORK 1978 That winter I entered the Victory Theater on 42nd Street to view THE VIOLATION OF CLAUDIA. A friend had recommended the hour-long XXX film about a housewife lured into prostitution, saying, “There’s not much of a story, but the skinny actress has no breasts just how you like your women. A little […]

January 3, 1978

This freezing afternoon I walked up Broadway in a thin leather jacket. I couldn’t resist stopping into Mayer’s Art. I entered Fran’s place of work. My eyesight was blurred, since I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought she wasn’t there, but then I spotted Fran standing behind the counter with two co-workers. She stepped away […]

Journal Entry – January 2, 1978

Star-crossed day for me. I saw a man retching into the snow on 2nd Avenue, obviously in the throes of alcoholic poisoning. Enough on him.

Journal Entry – January 1, 1978

Death to 1977 Onto a year of 78 RPM. It’s snowing and I’m watching the Broncos beat the Raiders. 20-17. Last night at 27th Street was weird. I hit on Alta. We made up and dry-humped in a dark corner. She begged off fucking. I accepted her no, got drunk, puked outside, and sobered up […]

Snow Day In New York

Winter used to be the season of cold. In 1978 a blizzard dropped three feet of snow on the Northeast. The suburbs were cut off from the cities by ten-foot drifts on the highways. I lived in the East Village. At night I clomped through the yellowing slush to CBGBs. Army boots and a leather […]