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Sophie’s Bar Phnom Penh – Songkran 2007

In 2007 Nick and I had scheduled our Cambodia trip to avoid Songkran in Thailand. My wife thought this voyage was simply a sex tour, but we passed through Koh Kong and Sihanoukville without a passing glance at the local talent, mostly because S-ville’s Chicken Farm has been dramatically reduced by the port expansion and […]

This Train Is Fucked

It’s good to know that the fellow Anglo-Saxons from the Antipodes are fuck-ups too when it comes to trains. ‘THIS TRAIN IS FUCKED’. Calling it as we see it, mate. Waltz Mathilda Alright.

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Chapter 1 by Peter Nolan Smith

The Old crew met at Miguel Abreau’s Gallery on Orchard Street to honor Brock Dundee’s documentary about Afghanistan for the UK MoD. The Scot had flown in helicopters to battle sites and crossed the mountains on foot with the assassins of the SAS. At dinner Dannatt joked that his old friend was a spy. “Spy?” […]

On the Trail Of The Leopard

Prior to the New Year my English friend Sara and her two daughters flew out to India to tour the subcontinent from the Himals to Goa. They landed in Delhi, traveled out to the Taj Mahal and the ghats of the Ganges before flying west to Rajahistan, the exotic desert province bordering the expansive and […]


Climate scientists began warning people about global warming in a SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article published in 1975. ‘Inadvertent climate modification’ was gobbledygook to the common man more terrified by the possibility of a ‘nuclear winter’ produced by an atomic bomb exchange between the USA and USSR and American oil producers pooh-bayed the National Academy of Science […]