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VDO Imbiss Cambodia 2007

During Songkran 2009 Nik Reiter and I overlanded across Cambodia from Pattaya to Sihanoukville. Someplace betwixt point A and point B we had to stop for a river ferry in the middle of nowhere. Upstream the Preak Piphot disappeared into the jungle. A small stall on the muddy bank sold frikadeller, a German delight. a […]

Lost In Lille 2011

Lost In Lille 2011 After the Chunnel Night Luxembourg bound Porsche Boxer 180 KPH The Ambassador behind the wheel Moi Un passenger The embassy’s unofficial writer-in-residence Through the Hauts-de-France. Flat Same as Belgium Jacques Brel’s Le plat pays qui est a mienne. Eyes shut The flatness screened On my eyelids. Safe on the Autoroute The […]

Sophie’s Bar Phnom Penh – Songkran 2007

Entry by Ty Spaulding In 1999 Cambodia was at peace. No weapons were seen on the streets, but once off the main avenues the streets were unlit Phnom Penh landmark was located on an unlit side street. Nik and I were looking for Sophia’s a notorious short-time bar. It is not easy to find even […]


In 1995 I traveled with a lapsed Catholic nun from Lhasa to Shigatse. After several days Dorothy returned to Lhasa. We woke at dawn and breakfasted on Momos or dumpling and butter tea. I wanted to get an early start and Dorothy accompanied me to the southern edge of town. The Asia Friendship Highway ran […]

Blinding Snow – Mount Ranier – 1998

In 1998 my father, Todd Shikegane and I toured the Northwest in my friend’s van. Arriving at Mt. Ranier in the morning Todd and I went for a hike. My father remained in the lodge by the fire with his crossword puzzle. In his 80s his tramping days were over. The path climbed through sunny […]