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The Smell Of Durian

Many Asian foods are alien to westerners. Insects, horseshoe crab eggs, and sum tam or spicy mango salad easily come to mind as foreign to the tongues of farangs, however the most unacceptable Oriental delicacy is the ever-malodorous durian. The stench of this squishy fruit is so disagreeable to non-aficionados that durian joined hand grenades […]

The Sky Of Road

In my earlier years I traveled the world. I loved seeing vistas such as this one. I’ll see them again, although maybe not the north side of Mt. Everest from Tibet.


Air stewardess were sex symbols in the 60s and 70s. These elegant airborne beauties flew from city to city and country to country with a smile. The uniforms were designed by fashion houses. Air travel was cool and the stewardesses were sexy in a good way. The sexiest air hostesses were from foreign countries with […]

Sophie’s Bar Phnom Penh – Songkran 2007

In 2007 Nick and I had scheduled our Cambodia trip to avoid Songkran in Thailand. My wife thought this voyage was simply a sex tour, but we passed through Koh Kong and Sihanoukville without a passing glance at the local talent, mostly because S-ville’s Chicken Farm has been dramatically reduced by the port expansion and […]

This Train Is Fucked

It’s good to know that the fellow Anglo-Saxons from the Antipodes are fuck-ups too when it comes to trains. ‘THIS TRAIN IS FUCKED’. Calling it as we see it, mate. Waltz Mathilda Alright.