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Weird Womb’s Tour Manager

Last week Dakota Pollock of Weird Womb asked me to write a band bio. I became friends with the group’s singer and Johnny the guitarist at the 169 Lounge, Chinatown’s epic dive bar on East Broadway and had seen the Tucson quartet at Shea Stadium, so I told Dakota, “Sure.” They were my favorite new [...]

MH370 Flight Terminus / The Southern Ocean

The Roaring 40s roiled the Southern Ocean’s landless expanse between Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and the western coast of Australia. While the prevailing westerly winds aided sailing ships on the long voyage to Asia, eddies calve from the predominant current to create the most complicated ocean system on the planet and sadly authorities have [...]

MH370 Malaysia

Two weeks ago Malaysia Air flight MH370 disappeared from radar between Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The news media first suspected a crash and an intense search was conducted in the Gulf of Siam without finding any debris. Family and friends of the 293 passengers and crew wanted answers. Malaysian authorities had none. Several days passed [...]

Getting Away

Last week my associate Shamus suggested that I accompany him to the Continent. “Are you doing anything special?” “Not that I can think of?” I hadn’t worked since Christmas, but the previous week a diamond sale had filled my coffers. “London, the Maarstricht Art Fair, Bruxelles, and Paris.” It was a tempting offer. “Count me [...]

Homo Scan

In April of 2009 Johnny Zombie from Palm Beach sent me to Russia to speak with his customers about their non-payment for merchandise. My friends in New York thought that these Russki ‘businessmen’ would kill me, but I had a band member from Aquarium for my companion. Everyone loved that band. Seve dropped at the [...]