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Cross Country 1996

In the late summer of 1996 I left Bali for America. My good friend Slim met me at LAX in her Studebaker Lark. On the way to Hollywood the native Californian told me that she had fallen in love with an artist in New York.” “That’s good news, except it’s 3000 miles from here.” “I […]

SOUTH OF THE POTOMAC by Peter Nolan Smith

My St. Patrick’s Day of 2011 ended at Frank’s Lounge on Fulton Street. Everyone at the bar knew my name and well they should, because I was the token white just like that Paul Benedict’s character in nearly all-black TV show THE JEFFERSONS. Audience laughed hard whenever Mr. Jefferson slammed the door in the kindly […]

MIAMI BEACH BLIND by Peter Nolan Smith

Rain, drizzle, snow, and ice pellets greeted Boston on the first dawn of 1975. Equally foul weather met January’s second morning, but by noon the temperature rose into the 40s and I walked from my Beacon Hill apartment to the Mass Pike in Chinatown. The on-ramp was the good place to start a trip across […]

BOXING DAY BLIZZARD by Peter Nolan Smith

December 23 was my last day of work for the holiday season for 2010. Richie Boy and I had worked three weeks solid without a break. An extra hour was added to the schedule in hopes of last minute shoppers. There were none. Jewelry was x-ed off Santa’s list this year, although Richie Boy held […]

TWA Terminal Redux

The TWA Terminal was opened in 1962 at Idlewild International Airport. Eero Saarinen designed the structure terminal to reveal the beauty of thin-shell construction of a concrete shell elegantly supported by legs diminishing at the corners. Saarinen died in 1962, but his wife honored his dream as an ode to the modern world. The sparse […]