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The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam

Persia has existed many times from the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC) to the ill-fated Pahlavi Dynasty in the 20th Century. Its rulers and people reveled in knowledge and beauty. While perusing through my grandmother’s attic in Westbrook, Maine I found THE RUBYIAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM and THE PRINCE OF ISFAHAN. Two weekends ago in the […]

John Cooper Clarke – National Trust

Poetry Police

My hillbilly girlfriend in the 70s was funny. Ann was even funnier drunk. Her limit was two drinks after which she was transformed from an ingenue actress into a white trash beauty. I wasn’t sure which I liked better. One night at CBGBs she launched into a tirade about the poetry police coming to arrest […]

The Beat Lives On

Beat icon Neal Cassady died on February 4, 1968. Walking home from at party in San Miguel de Allende Cassady fell asleep by train tracks. The night was cold and wet. The next morning his 3D body was discovered in a coma. This death from exposure launched the outlaw traveler from this 2D world into […]

MY LIFE by Big Albert Harlow

MY LIFE Sometimes I wonder what happened to my youth As I look in the mirror and see the truth My heart becomes heavy as I see the grey hair Time has marched on and it doesn’t seem fair It seemed like only yesterday I was young and life was free I had no idea […]