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Dreams Of Buster Keaton – June 23, 2024

5:15 am June 23 Awake After a dream of Buster Keaton As Venus de Milo In my bed I look out the window At the June sky Cloudy With patches of blue Forecast of thunderstorms I don’t want my feet to touch the floor I don’t want to be awake I Listen The ringing in […]

Trans Europe Express 1980s Paris Bruxelles

1985 Paris The Trans Europe Express Out of Gare du Nord Two hours plus To Bruxelles Moi et Christine Blonde Swedish singer A good laugh A friend Nothing more Nothing less Nous deux A Bruxelles. To record a 45 ‘Take Me Higher’. Train leaves the station Northbound Paris left behind Clackety-clack-clack Picking up speed Soon […]

June 13, 1978 – Journal

This morning a knock on my SRO door.It was Ernie the porter for 27 11th Street. An eviction notice in his hand. He was about fifty. I never saw him outside the building. No one had, almost as if he were in hiding, but he always said hello. Friendly. ” I have nothing to do […]

Pinball – Gaslight Inn – Park Slope – 1976

At 3 O’Clock I thought about going to Rockaways The day slipped away Seconds ticked into minutes. 4:16 I catch the B54 One stop later I calculated the time. Four hours Back and forth To and from Rockaway The next stop North Portland I get off Across the avenue Fort Greene Park A green lawn […]

Star Ferry – Hong Kong 2017

A poem I wrote last evening on the subway home. Funny the things we remember From Hong Kong to Bangkok to see my family. Had a great trip. Dawn on Hong Kong Crossing the Perfumed Harbor From Kowloon By the Star Ferry. Ahead The skyscrapers Blotting out the near horizon. I looked to the North. […]