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Hart Crane by Dakota Pollock

HART CRANE Harold Bloom is dead I don’t have to worry About his academic attacks On others with That sniveling, self assured Intellect His smug, all knowing, pretentious smirk Like the sailors Who threw Hart Crane From a ship After he made a pass At probably all of them And they threw him Into the […]

May 2, 1978

Am I a poet? People think so, but they consider poets wastrels without money. Throughout time poets have suffered scorn, hatred, ridicule, apathy, love, and poverty. Hart Crane wrote THE BRIDGE. Sailors threw him off a ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Poe died from drugs, Byron succumbed to disease in Greece, and Joyce […]

Cast A Vote for Hope Wambui Ochieng

Please cast a vote for the young poetess Hope Wambui Ochieng from Kibera in the Little Ms Kenya Contest 2020 by going to this URL Asante

Cumberland County Kingdom

From the Kezar Pond to Saco Bay. Old Orchard Beach to Bailey’s Island. The land of my youth The summer camp on Watchic Pond Built by my grandfather. An orphan became a frontline surgeon in WWI France. A retreat from the horrors to Maine With a nurse, my grandmother. A noble woman from a 9th […]

28 W. 15th Street/A friendship With Somebody Else – by Dakota Pollock

This summer I sold out and bought an a/c Artists were meant to suffer To transform their suffering Into understanding and hope By altering perspective For those who were unable To find it in themselves But now, I was no good. I was heat struck and heat warped Caught in a fire like ash dump […]