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Cumberland County Kingdom

From the Kezar Pond to Saco Bay. Old Orchard Beach to Bailey’s Island. The land of my youth The summer camp on Watchic Pond Built by my grandfather. An orphan became a frontline surgeon in WWI France. A retreat from the horrors to Maine With a nurse, my grandmother. A noble woman from a 9th […]

Classic Poetic Dysleixa

Edgar Allen Poe, Hart Crane, Willam Yeats 1916 Frank o’Hara, Bukowski, Ginsberg, The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam Ezra Pound, Emily Dickenson, Sylvia Plath, Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Every one of them considered mad to write poetry. My words of madness find me on the George Washington Bridge resisting the urge to fly Hart Crane’s supposed last […]

The Doorman Poem By Haoui Montaug

Excuse me excuse me Who is in charge here I mean who has the guest list I must be on it I am personal friends with just about anybody you ever heard of Just check the list And I am sure that you will find my name Why isn’t anyone talking to me Can somebody […]

May 2, 1978

Am I a poet? People think so, but they consider poets wastrels without money. Throughout time poets have suffered scorn, hatred, ridicule, apathy, love, and poverty. Hart Crane wrote THE BRIDGE. Sailors threw him off a ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Poe died from drugs, Byron succumbed to disease in Greece, and Joyce […]


It’s Three in the morning And my client’s mistress hasn’t left The diplomat’s 65th Street townhouse. The blonde wisp entered at One. The upstairs lights were extinguished at One-fifteen. I stand in the alley. The night wind is a little cold. No complaints. My job is mostly to watch someone else’s life. Not a spy. […]