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For Peter, on Dark Illusions and Giddy Phantoms by Irene Zimmerman

Dear Peter, sometimes, when I am sitting on the subway or walking past an ugly park or eating eggs while I wait to move my laundry to the dryer I wonder why it is that I only seem to write when there is conflict spheres of energy at war with each other inside me but […]

The Cruellest Month Of All

TS Eliot penned THE WASTELAND after the Great War. This five-part poem is considered one of the greatest works of the 20th Century combing the images of the Holy Grail with Sanskirt legends and Buddhists beliefs, while shifting times, speakers, and locales with the wind of short couplets. The poem opens with the following four […]

Snow Now Haiku

New England forest in the snow. White going gray. The light going white. Foto by Aleta Wolfe

17 On

Pale sky, golden moon, purple horizon, blue waves and a road at dusk 17 on = a haiku. I cheated with the photo, however there is no greater expression than what we see when we cease to not see. This is not a haiku. Basho’s poem OLD POND 17th Century at the age old pond […]

PEOPLE SUCK Gus and the Snowmen

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I am wandering around the Fort Greene Observatory in a green cotton robe. The windows are open and the curtains are up. The people in the new condo building are probably staring into their binoculars and saying, “That crazy old coot is naked again.” They’re right and I’m about to […]