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May 2, 1978

Am I a poet? People think so, but they consider poets wastrels without money. Throughout time poets have suffered scorn, hatred, ridicule, apathy, love, and poverty. Hart Crane wrote THE BRIDGE. Sailors threw him off a ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Poe died from drugs, Byron succumbed to disease in Greece, and Joyce […]

Le Beaute de la the Haute Savoie

The northern wind of the Julian Alps hummed against the hotel room’s windows. The blonde actress took off her clothes and lay naked on double bed. The pillow embrace her face. Downstairs in the hotel bar the film crew celebrated the film’s wrap. Wine wine and more wine. The English loved their drink and loved […]


Late summer I am sitting at the 169 with Peter Nolan Smith. He comes from New England. Same as me. Franny Fitzpatrick hit the beach at the Bay of Pigs. Hull fried clams Boston. Boston. Talk heroin. Not a joke in New England thanks the Big Pharma. Boston Boston. Quincy Quarries. They were a boy’s […]

THE EXILE’S POEM by Ezra Pound

Way back in the last century Ezra Pound stumbled on the writings of a 19th Century scholar of Asian Art, Ernest Fenollosa. The historian came from Salem and after graduated from Harvard traveled to Japan with the Orientalist and naturalist Edward Sylvester Morse, who developed a great love for ceramics during his stay at Tokyo’s […]


WINTER’S TOLL The rails run straight to Montauk. The pine forest is wizened by the salt off the ocean Deer dash across the tracks. Day and night. The train runs once an hour. 3600 seconds. Still some deer don’t make it. Crows pick clean the bodies. The bones gleam in the afternoon light. April and […]