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THE EXILE’S POEM by Ezra Pound

Way back in the last century Ezra Pound stumbled on the writings of a 19th Century scholar of Asian Art, Ernest Fenollosa. The historian came from Salem and after graduated from Harvard traveled to Japan with the Orientalist and naturalist Edward Sylvester Morse, who developed a great love for ceramics during his stay at Tokyo’s […]


WINTER’S TOLL The rails run straight to Montauk. The pine forest is wizened by the salt off the ocean Deer dash across the tracks. Day and night. The train runs once an hour. 3600 seconds. Still some deer don’t make it. Crows pick clean the bodies. The bones gleam in the afternoon light. April and […]

RED TATE – BAD POETRY by Peter Nolan Smith

Red Tate lies on the pavement Helpless flat on his back If his mother saw this sight Tears would fill her eyes Red Tate drinks Ripple. Sometimes Thunderbird Red wine dulls his nerves. A bum A tramp. His mother’s second son. 1978


THE UNFAITHFUL HOUSEWIFE By Fredico Garcia Lorca For Mary Peace Then I led her to the river certain she was still a virgin though she had a husband. The fourth Friday in July, as good as on a promise. The street lights were vanishing and the crickets flaring up. Last bend out of town I […]

SQUARES by Peter Nolan Smith

Who here has shot at someone? Who here has been in jail? Who here has been beaten by the police? Who here has cried after a mother’s death? A father’s death? A friend’s death? The birth of a child? Who here listens? Who here sees? Who here speaks? Who here feels? None of all this […]