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Latin was a required language for the top classes of Xaverian Brothers High School during the 1960s. The first ancient words learned by freshmen were ‘amo, amas, amat’ and ‘agricola’.The former was the verb to love and the latter meant farmer which was one of the few male nouns with a female ending. My teacher […]

Oliver Stone Film Stop in Chiang Mai – 2007

Big Al called from Pattaya this week, while I was in Bangkok getting a pension paper notarized at the American embassy. At age fifty the Thai government issued a year-long retirement visa for foreign citizens over fifty-five. Americans had no need to show that they had $20,000 in the bank to receive this boon. No […]

Tarzan Jesus 2023

A religious festival in Guatemala featured a Jesus on a very high pole. The spectacle turned bad when ‘Jesus’ fell from his crucifixion perch, but luckily caught hold of a wire to break his fall. A miracle for Tarzan Jesus. His father was part god/ part ape. To watch Tarzan Jesus fall, please go to […]

Do You Like Gladiator Movies?

Written Jun 20, 2018 The movie GLADIATOR was released in 2000. My friends and I gay maitre de greeted us and and asked where we had been. “We saw GLADIATOR.” Joe made a face and hissed, “I saw it. I didn’t like it.” “Why not” asked my ex-lover Ms. Carolina. She loved Russell Crowe. “Because […]

The 420 Bus to Hollywood

In the late spring of 1995 I lived with Scottie Taylor in a North Hollywood pool house. The homeowner ran a strip club off West Pico Boulevard. Dennis’ dancers sunbathed nude in the mornings. They were Jesus freaks and read the Bible like a choir of fallen angels. Scottie and I were sinners in their […]