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THROWING LIKE A GIRL by Peter Nolan Smith

My introduction to playing baseball came on a warm April morning in 1958. It was a Saturday and I was watching my favorite show, THE THREE STOOGES with my older brother. My father came into the living room of our house on Falmouth Foresides. “It’s too nice a day to waste in front of the [...]

Christmas Tree Burning

CHOCOLATE MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

Maine is the northern most state on the Eastern Seaboard. The distance from its southernmost border to the Potomac River is approximately 500 miles and in the winter of 1863 the 20th Maine Regiment crossed into Virginia to confront the Confederate forces at Fredericksburg. That summer they avenged the one-sided slaughter beneath St. Marye’s Height [...]

Tongue To Metal

As a child I lived in maine, where winter was winter. A good time for sledding. At Pine Grove Primary School Skeeter Kearsy the school bully wanted to test the theory that if you put your tongue to metal it would stick there. No one told him to stop. He liked to beat up everyone. [...]


Climate scientists began warning people about global warming in a SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article published in 1975. ‘Inadvertent climate modification’ was gobbledygook to the common man more terrified by the possibility of a ‘nuclear winter’ produced by an atomic bomb exchange between the USA and USSR and American oil producers pooh-bayed the National Academy of Science [...]