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The New Ice Age

Most people in the world accept the threat of Climate Change or Global Warming, however over 13% of Americans along with the Saudis and Indonesians deny that the rampant greed of Mankind has any effect on the weather and another 40% of my countrymen are agnostics. Right-wing newspapers report the expansion of glaciers, while scientists […]

Italians To Go

If I could click my heels and be anywhere in the USA, my # 1 destination would be Watchic Lake in Maine. My grandfather and his friends dammed a stream at Watchic’s western end to create a lake by building a dam in the 1920s. He built a log cabin for his family and I’ve […]

The Warmth Of Winter

Last Wednesday the weather in New York was a record sunny 76F. Today is a rainy 40 degrees. Comm Ave in Boston isn’t much better. It’s even colder. 36F. Portland Maine is offering a classic slushy snow freezing temperatures. Of course winter really winter until you reach the end of Route 1 in Fort Kent, […]


Scientists first warned the world about global warming with an 1975 article published in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. ?Inadvertent climate modification? sounded like gobbledygook to the common man, who was more terrified by the possibility of a ?nuclear winter? produced by an atomic bomb exchange between the USA and USSR and American oil producers pooh-bayed the National […]

Cumberland County Kingdom

From the Kezar Pond to Saco Bay. Old Orchard Beach to Bailey’s Island. The land of my youth The summer camp on Watchic Pond Built by my grandfather. An orphan became a frontline surgeon in WWI France. A retreat from the horrors to Maine With a nurse, my grandmother. A noble woman from a 9th […]