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The Six Wives of Rex Harrison

The British actor Rex Harrison was once asked by a TV presentator, “You’ve been married six times. What’s the one thing all your wives had in common?” “They all left me.” Fucking classic and here are his six wives. Lilli Palmer Joan Elizabeth Rees-Williams Mercia Tinker Rachel Roberts Kay Kendall Strangely there are none of […]

Menage A Trois En Secret

Someone in this photo doesn’t know what’s what.

Omnia Vincit Amor

Omnia vincit amor or ‘love conquers all’ comes from Virgil (70 BC – 19 BC), Eclogue X, line 69 Over two thousand years ago. True then. True now.

Barbie Does Boston

Playing with dolls was considered a sin for boys in the 1950s. Anyone caught playing with one was endangered of being labelled a queer and that accusation was impossible to erase from your peers’ permanent record. All that changed when Mattel’s came out with Barbie 1964. The statuesque teen doll possessed Jayne Mansfield’s curves and […]

Thai Dating Rules and No Nos

Several years ago I read the weekend Bangkok Post’s GURU, which featured an article from Yanisa of LOVE RULES about GIRLS YOU SHOULD NOT DATE. For the most part she was right on the money about not dating your friend’s ex, your best friend’s sister, your ex-girlfriend’s sister or best friend, a work associate, your […]