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Penal Retirement In Norway

America offers no refuge for the aged. State governments have turned their back on the old and the Federal agencies neglect the needy. For years my retirement plan had been to fly to Norway and rob a bank. The Norwegian courts would sentence me to a long prison term. Conditions in Norway’s prisons offered pleasant […]

ZOMBIES IN MY DREAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya iswasnot Venice and certainly no one on the Coasta del Crime pretended to be a reincarnated Thomas Mann writing a Thai version of TO DIE IN VENICE. At least no one I knew, however plenty of farangs and Thais died in the Last Babylon. Many of natural causes. Some by misadventure. Dying is what makes us the […]

Joyous Valentine for UK Teenagers.

I can’t believe Hollywood came out with another FRIDAY THE 13TH. I’m sure the teenage heroine doesn’t call the police at the first sign of trouble or use a condom like this 13 year-old boy. Thankfully someone is heeding the tenets of the Holy Roman Church. The baby’s name is Maise. At least they didn’t […]

AX IN HAND by Peter Nolan Smith

My mother had spent her honeymoon on Bermuda. Every winter my parents had vacationed in the Caribbean and each July my father rented a Harwichport cottage for a week. My mother loved the ocean. On summer weekends they loaded his six children into the Ford Station wagon for a drive to the beach. Massachusetts had […]

Highlights Of 2015 Part II July to December

Mike of the Canadians at the 169. Adrian Dannett et moi. Dakota, Eric, and moi at Bobby’s Corner in Times Square. The maestro Cecil Taylor. Cecil’s long piano. The pond chez Camp in Dutchess County. Scarlett Camp with a sparkler. JG and Johnny Chofur chez Libby. The happy Camp couple. Fort Tilden minus the hipsters. […]