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The Future of Now

In the Age of Species Reassignment We seem to stand alone Detached from the us Embraced by the Me.ness of the Constant Now. We breathe poisoned air We eat poisoned food Plastic covers the Earth The oceans die The stars disappear from view. The world population in 2050 500 million I will be 98 Will […]

The New Warsaw -Jenin – Gaza

In the summer of 1939 the German blitzkrieg overran Western Poland and laid siege to Warsaw. The City surrendered on September 29, 1939. The Wehrmacht or the German army occupied the Polish capitol backed by the Einsatzgruppe EG IV and the Einsatzkommandos. By November 1940 the commander of EG IV, Josef Meisinger ‘Butcher of Warsaw’ […]

ZOMBIES IN MY DREAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Written Mar 31, 2016 at 11:26 Pattaya was not Venice and certainly no one on the Coasta del Crime pretended to be a reincarnated Thomas Mann writing a Thai version of TO DIE IN VENICE. At least no one I knew, however plenty of farangs and Thais died in the Last Babylon. Many of natural causes. Some […]

Everything Versus Nothing – Lazurus II

All belief about life disappeared with my first death. Drowning at Adam’s Pond New Hampshire 1962. I’ve died many times Since. Nantasket Beach Ile St. Louis Paris, The East Village South of Doi mae Salong Lanna Thai. Always the same On the other side. Nothingness. Same on the operating table December 23, 2023 Loaded on […]


OH LUCKY MAN Seven come eleven Praying bones shaking in your hands Seven come eleven Come out and party in the garden Roll on the green of luck Seven come eleven Never boxcars Twelve apostles is as bad As snake-eyes Always whisper its name Bad luck loves a loser Loaded dice too I only throw […]