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Golden Gate Vanishing Act

It is easy to lose your heart in San Francisco with the little trolley cars climbing to heaven, but last month a younger friend disappeared in the City by the Bay. Upon leaving for a writing sabbatical in the Far West he had asked me to check on his mail. I did so, but failed […]

Out Of It

Golden Gate Suicide Net Update

The Golden Gate Bridge has been a magnet for suicide since its construction with over 2000 fatal leaps having been record since its opening in 1937. Every two weeks someone jumps from the legendary span. Only one person, a woman has jumped twice. She was successful on her second attempt. There has been no safety […]

Drinking Yourself To Death

Every week the Pattaya Media highlights another farang leaving this mortal coil from suicide. Favorite methods of self-demise tend to be jumping from a condo, poison, or hanging yourself with a plastic bag around your head, but few people ever comment on the most popular technique ie drinking yourself to the grave, since the process […]

Leaving Pattaya The Hard Way

The NY Times regularly published a list of why Americans die. The leading causes of fatality come as no surprise; heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, in that order. Almost all of them are related to either environment, bad food, obesity, or a cocktail of the three. You are […]