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LONG GONE LONG by Peter Nolan Smith

Twenty-five minutes after the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve 1982 a masked assassin shot dead the main investor a block away from the Continental Club on West 25th Street. The FBI and NYPD’s Internal Affairs investigating Viktor Malenski’s murder quickly drew lines between the dots. My ex-girlfriend was living with the dead man’s partner. My boss [...]

Flirting With Death

In 1988 I exerienced a series of dreams about nuclear annihilation. The first one was situated in New York. The sirens sounded the alarm and thousands of East Villagers headed to the subway for shelter. There wasn’t room for all of us. Someone pointed to the sky and I spotted a black missile falling earthward. [...]

Peg Leg Bates

Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates lost a leg at the age of 12 in a cotton gin accident and learned how to tap dance thanks to getting a peg leg provided by his uncle. The other day someone in the diamond exchange mentioned having seen the famed tap dancer in the Borscht Belt. “Everyone went to [...]

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Every January 1st millions of Americans vow to better their lives and the world. The Top Ten New Year’s resolutions barely differ from year to year, since few people realized their resolutions. I made no resolutions this year.

MY WAY my way

I love Frank Sinatra’s MY WAY, which was the English version of French song “Comme d’habitude” composed by Claude François and Jacques Revaux. The American words was written by Paul Anka and blisslessly adapted by Sid Vicious. At 56 I’m ready to do my version. I FUCKED IT UP MY WAY And now I’m no [...]