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Vermont Wintah 1973 A blizzard buried Montreal The temp was arctic. Minus zero. I was staying with two New Zealanders Across the street From the Winston Churchill Pub Only forty feet Going out for beer was a gamble. Life, death or frozen limbs. The snow was chest high. More storms on the way A day […]

135 IN THE SHADE from BACK AND FORTH a hitchhiking novel by Peter Nolan Smith

Two days later Sean and AK swam one last time at Moonlight Beach. After packing their bags, they hugged their host, Helen, then got into the Benz with Victor and Cuchillo. Victor drove the Mercedes convertible on the San Diego Freeway. AK was in the passenger seat and Victor’s boyfriend sat in the rear with […]

Tibet T-Bone 1995

This road ran between Lhasa and Kathmandu. Twenty miles farther Another dirt road diverged to Khailash. The van stopped there and drove off to the Holy Mountain A thousand kilometers away to the west. I stood at the t-bone intersection Headed south to Nepal. I couldn’t have been happier in such desolation Whereas I freak […]


The dawn sun peeked over the eastern mountains and a stark brightness flared through Sean’s eyelids. He crawled from his sleeping bag and rose to his feet. A hissing wind pelleted his face with ancient brine and his body ached from the night’s sleep on the hard desert surface. The New Englander had woken in […]

April 27, 1981 – NYC – Key West – NYC – Journal Entry

A cab ride from the Mudd Club to the Holland Tunnel. A warming from a Transit Cop. A ride to the Vince Lombardi res stop in New Jersey A ride from a trucker to another truck stop. It starts to snow. A ride to a shitty exit. A ride to a shittier exit. The snow […]