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Back in August 1973 I hitchhiked across country to Tulsa. My friend Neil was staying with a woman there. We had planned to drive to the West Coast in his BMW 2002, however prior to my arrival the Staten Islander had been distracted by a State Fair roller coaster and rear-ended a truck. The car […]


In late-August of 1972 my college friend Ptrov and I were bound for Boston to start our second year of university and we crashed a night with a trio of carpenter gypsies constructing a rest stop on the new interstate through Montana. Bulldozers had churned the dirt highway into a muddy bog for the passing […]

BAD MOTELS – BAD POETRY September 1978

Crossing the country I mostly slept in speeding cars Huddled against the door Hoping the driver wasn’t a murderer. Or that his destination lay beyond the dawn. Sometimes the ride ended nowhere a few hours after midnight. Out in the Nevada desert wthout a motel in sight. I stood on the highway The crunch of […]

George, Washington 1972

Back in late August 1972 my college friend Ptrov Sinski and I hitchhiked west from Seattle. A rancher left us off at exit 149, serving George, Washington, a small farming community surrounded by endless fields of ripening wheat. The two of us ignored the sign forbidding hitchhiking, but within ten minutes a Highway Patrol car […]

Map for Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD

This map from Jack Kerouac’s diary detailed his hitchhiking across the USA in 1947. His itinerary included more stops than the classic hit ROUTE 66 sung originally by Nat King Cole. New York City, Chicago, Davenport Des Moines, North Platte, Cheyenne, Denver, Laramie, Salt Lake, Reno, San Francisco, Madera, Fresno, Selma, Los Angeles, Prescott, Albuquerque, […]