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The Love of Gladiators

My older brother’s school was a trolley ride away from our suburban house. Boston College High School excelled at sports and academics. I wanted to join my brother in the following class of 1970, except I won a full scholarship to Xaverian Brothers located only ten miles away from our exit on Route 128. The […]

BACK AND FORTH Chapter 1 A Novel About Hitchhiking

CHAPTER 1 – THE FIRST TEN MILES The morning sky stretched a cloudless blue from east to west over Boston. Two long-haired men and a young blonde woman stood on the sidewalk, as the trees wavered with the warm spring wind. May 24, 1974 was a good day to begin a trip and the three […]

ON THE ROAD / Kerouac’s Map 1947

Click on map to enlarge. This map from Jack Kerouac’s diary detailed his hitchhiking across the USA in 1947. His itinerary includes more stops than the classic hit ROUTE 66 sung originally by Nat King Cole. New York City, Chicago, Davenport Des Moines, North Platte, Cheyenne, Denver, Laramie, Salt Lake, Reno, San Francisco, Madera, Fresno, […]

BACK AND FORTH my novel about hitchhiking across the USA in 1974. Chapter TOO LATE FOR THE HAIGHT

The bus from Sacramento crossed the bay in light traffic. Most people in the Bay Area had off Memorial Day. The uniformed driver veered off the bridge and entered the TransBay Terminal. Once he parked in the depot, I got off the bus to grab my bag from the underneath storage compartment and entered the […]

A Shower With Naked Men

In 2009 Brock Dundee and I drove 3000 miles through the Midwest; Chicago to St. Louis to Kansas City to Iowa City to Minneapolis and back to Chicago. Most of the trip was off the Interstates. Neither my traveling companion nor I saw a single hitchhiker on the side of the road, as if Homeland […]