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Valley Of Pot

August 1972 was five years past San Francisco’s Summer of Love. A college friend from Crane’s Beach and I had hitchhiked from Boston to the West Coast in 45 hours. A mutual girlfriend, Marilyn, was hostessing topless at a Barbary Coast strip club. 3 months’ tips paid a year’s tuition. After a few hugs and [...]

41 BLANCO STREET AUSTIN by Peter Nolan Smith

In the winter of 1975 I drove a blind piano-tuner from Miami Beach to the East Texas in a Delta 88. Everyone at the Sea Breeze Hotel had warned me about Old Bill’s driving. I thought that the old coots had been kidding, but outside of La Grange the blind man whiffed the air and [...]

The End Of The Road

The other day I was speaking with Bruce Benderson. Both of us were lamenting the hard economic times. “I’m four months behind in my rent.” Bruce still lived in the East Village. “I’m only one month.” I had been economically cleansed from East 1Oth Street by a $10,000 buyout from the managment company. The money [...]

MIAMI BEACH BLIND by Peter Nolan Smith

A dawn of rain, drizzle, snow, and ice pellets greeted Boston on the first day of 1975. The weather on the second day of January was equally miserable, but by late morning the temperature had risen into the 40s and I walked from my Beacon Hill apartment to the Chinatown. The Mass Pike onramp was [...]


In September 1973 Nick and I stood on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley with a horde of other hippies flocking home after a California summer. Nick was headed to Oklahoma, where his BMW had been repaired after a crash in Tulsa. My destination was Boston to complete my final year of university. I sat on my [...]