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Gone the Tundra – 2011

My early youth was spent along the coast of Maine. Winters were harsh. My father was native to Westbrook and every autumn would say, “There are two seasons in Maine. Winter and preparing for winter.” He had learned this adage from his father and his father from his father, for no matter how corny the […]

NEW YORK SNOW DAY by Peter Nolan Smith

In the winter of 2010 I woke early to snow flakes fluttering against the window of my Brooklyn bedroom. Beyond the glass a winter storm was decorating the city white. I thought about going back to sleep, except the telephone rang. It was my boss’ son, Richie Boy. “I hope you’re calling to tell me […]


Vermont Wintah 1973 Montreal buried by blizzards. The temp Minus zero. I was crashing with two New Zealanders Across the street From the Winston Churchill Pub Only forty feet Going out for beer a gamble. Life, death, frozen limbs, or drunk. The snow chest high. More snow everyday More storms on the way Snowbound for […]

First Snow In New York City 2024

No snow In New York City. Three years. Not cold neither. Yesterday Snow. Two inches Cold. Not Omaha cold -40. 20 degrees Fahrenheit c Cold. And sunny. The wind cruel cold Fort Greene Park. The snow trampled by thousands and thousands of feets. Each step immortal in the cold. Steps atop steps Like first city […]

Journal Entry – January 2, 1978

Star-crossed day for me. I saw a man retching into the snow on 2nd Avenue, obviously in the throes of alcoholic poisoning. Enough on him.