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Trans Europe Express 1980s Paris Bruxelles

1985 Paris The Trans Europe Express Out of Gare du Nord Two hours plus To Bruxelles Moi et Christine Blonde Swedish singer A good laugh A friend Nothing more Nothing less Nous deux A Bruxelles. To record a 45 ‘Take Me Higher’. Train leaves the station Northbound Paris left behind Clackety-clack-clack Picking up speed Soon […]

NICHT FUN by Peter Nolan Smith

In the autumn of 1982 Henri Flesh and I flew to Berlin. We booked rooms at the Hotel Kempenski for a three-day holiday from BSIR, Hamburg’s most popular club. That night the French DJ and I went out to the Dschungel in Charlottesburg, where we ran into a pair of Christina F lookalikes. All the […]

The Far West Of Ireland

My grandmother came from County Mayo. Her last name was Walsh. Nana sailed to Boston at the age of fourteen. That ocean voyage was so traumatic that she never returned to Ireland. My mother and her sisters often offered to fly Nana to Shannon. “I don’t want to travel on that sea again.” “Planes don’t […]

Matterhorn 1985 Gucci Loafers

In late September of 1985 I traveled from Paris to Zermatt via Les Diablerets, my autumn refuge away from the nightlife at Le Balajo. Amazing to see the Matterhorn towering over the scenic village. The higher alpine meadows flowing with edelweiss. The gasthaus were demi-filled with elderly hikers and Swiss reservists on their yearly training […]

THE BOUQUET OF RUINS by Peter Nolan Smith

Dec 1982 Some cities are best defined by songs such as APRIL IN PARIS or AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, but Hamburg defied music, especially as winter weather skimmed off the North Sea to besiege the harbor city with endless rain, cold, and darkness. Every day the night conquered a few more minutes of light and […]