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BELMONT FIX by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the late-70s I bet the horses with a friend from CBGBs. Bill Yusk came from Kentucky to study philosophy at NYU, but the long-haired scholar spent the autumn racing season at OTB and Aqueduct instead of attending classes on Kant and Marx. One afternoon he came over to my railroad apartment with the […]

A STORY OF O by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1994 Crazy Santa Klaus had a special guest card to the Russian Baths on East 10th Street. Opening time was 8Am. The steam room crew began to heat the river boulders at 6am. The two-ton stones glowed red by 7:20. Crazy Santa Claus was in the dry steam room at 7:21. He was a […]

Journal Entry – December 30, 1977

After waking up late Georg and I walked from our SRO hotel to the East Village. The setting sun only lit the highest buildings. Shit,”he said, “I’ve lost another day.” “I know. We never see the sun.” “The only sun I see is only TV and it’s in Black-and-white.” “We’re becoming vampires, living only a […]

Journal Entry December 29, 1977

1977 is almost finished. I was sitting with Georg at One-Fifth. His teen queen had just walked out on him. He raised his glass and said, “Here’s to 1978.” We clinked glasses and he added, “We haven’t fucked up a single of day of 1978.” “Not yet, and it won’t take long.” After finishing our […]

Journal Entry December 28, 1977

This afternoon I stopped into Dojo’s on St. Marks Place for a coffee. The waitress is Jaci, who has ignored my for months, but when I raised a finger for my check, the long-haired brunette said, “My boss isn’t here, so there’s no charge.” “If I had known that I would have ordered lunch.” I […]