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ERIN GO BRAGH by Peter Nolan Smith

My first trip to Bali was in 1991. Kuta Beach was most tourist’s destination for sea, sun, and fun. Being a pseudo-intellectual I opted for Ubud, an idyllic village of Legong dancers, ornate temples, and quiet evenings. I rented a small house overlooking the stream at which the villagers bathed in the evening. My house [...]

Haoui Haoui

Twenty years ago I called Hauoi from Singapore. He had been sick for a long time and told me of his plans. “I’m going to get drugged up and OD watching THE SIMPSONS.” “Sounds good to me.” I loved Bart, but I asked if he could wait until I was with him. “How long?” “Three [...]

A DUSTY ROAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Thailand was a different world in 1990. The klongs of Bangkok led to the Chao Phyra River. Barges brought rice from up-country. After a short stay at the Malaysia Hotel I was ready to head north to Chiang Mai. The train from Hualamphong Station left at 6pm. I booked a 2nd Class AC sleeper. The [...]

BETTING THE OTHER WAY by Peter Nolan Smith

The Superbowl has been an American tradition since the first game in 1967. Betting had been another part of that tradition and for two weeks before the Big Game the diamond dealers and jewelers had been wagering bets on pools, the point spread, the over-under, which teams scores first, and the MVP. Some claimed to [...]

THE TASTE OF PIG by Peter Nolan Smith

My great-grandaunt Bert circumnavigated the world on her father’s whaling ship in the 1870s. National Geographic wrote a story about her childhood travels and at the age of 101 she told me about the black-toothed betel-nut chewers of Indonesia. My grand-aunt Marion brought a statue of a bare-breasted Legong dancer from Bali and Uncle Dave [...]