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New Year’s Eve 2009

In 2009 my options for New Year’s Eve were three; stay home and watch Dick Clark dribble on his tux, go over to Frank’s Lounge, or head up north to bring in 2010 with Andrew Camp and his wife and daughter, a gay couple, and myself. Being alone on New Year’s Eve is dangerous. Drinking […]

Kicking Off The New Year

After New Year’s Day of 2008 my ‘wife’ packed the car with Angie, Champoo, and her fat sister for the return drive to Chai-nat. Her week stay for Xmas had been torture. My every word was ignored with visible disdain. She told my daughter that I was a worthless drunk. Angie and I celebrated her […]

NEW YEAR’S EVE ALL RIGHT by Peter Nolan Smith

In the Spring of 1969 my teenage sweetheart’s mother was dating a Chilean pianist. One Friday evening the two adults left the brunette cheerleader in charge of the house and after she put her younger brother to bed, I came over for a study session. An hour at the books was our passport to a […]

Journal Entry – December 30, 1977

After waking up late Georg and I walked from our SRO hotel to the East Village. The setting sun only lit the highest buildings. Shit,”he said, “I’ve lost another day.” “I know. We never see the sun.” “The only sun I see is only TV and it’s in Black-and-white.” “We’re becoming vampires, living only a […]

Danish Penal Delight

The nordic country of Denmark has a current population of 5,806,015 including the peoples of the remote Faroe Islands and ice giant Greenland. The penal system consists of forty-seven institutions holding approximately 3,795 prisoners of whom almost 30% are foreigners, legal and illegal. Each cell is a model for humane treatment, although in Thailand I […]