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Journal Entry – December 30, 1977

After waking up late Georg and I walked from our SRO hotel to the East Village. The setting sun only lit the highest buildings. Shit,”he said, “I’ve lost another day.” “I know. We never see the sun.” “The only sun I see is only TV and it’s in Black-and-white.” “We’re becoming vampires, living only a […]

Danish Penal Delight

The nordic country of Denmark has a current population of 5,806,015 including the peoples of the remote Faroe Islands and ice giant Greenland. The penal system consists of forty-seven institutions holding approximately 3,795 prisoners of whom almost 30% are foreigners, legal and illegal. Each cell is a model for humane treatment, although in Thailand I […]

Silence On Cellblock # 9

When I left the USA for Africa in February 2020 over 80,000 prisoners were incarcerated in solitary confinement in US prisons, which equals the entire penal population of the UK. The practice was first introduced in the Eastern State Penitentiary in 1830. The punitive toll on inmates had been touted by prison officials as the […]

GOP Cheapskates # Mitch McConnell

Yesterday the Democratically-controlled Congress passed HR-6395 over Donald Trump’s veto with the help of GOP defectors. Today Senator Chuck Schumer called on the Senate to unanimously pass the Bill upping the Relief Aid to the American public from $600 to $2000. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the measure as a threat to the long-term […]


Back in 2012 the BBC reported that former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi held a bunga-bunga party featuring strippers in nun uniforms for his guest. Each dancer was paid $2000 for her performance plus tips. This information came to light during the testimony of a dancer. One of her compatriots was rewarded with the post of […]