GOP Cheapskates # Mitch McConnell

Yesterday the Democratically-controlled Congress passed HR-6395 over Donald Trump’s veto with the help of GOP defectors. Today Senator Chuck Schumer called on the Senate to unanimously pass the Bill upping the Relief Aid to the American public from $600 to $2000. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the measure as a threat to the long-term economy.

In the late-18th Century Bourbon France was saddled with unsurmountable debt financing never-ending wars. The royal tax collectors scoured the countryside for every spare sou from a disgruntled nation. Starving people don’t revolt, but on July 14, 1789 according to legend a wine cart overturned on Le Rue de Roquette. Hundreds of men, women, and children drank deeply from the wine river running down the gutter. Someone shouted, “A Bastille.”

That day the Bastille fell to the drunks of St. Antoine and on on 21 January 1793 Louis Capet, once le Roi Louis XVIII, stood before the people at Place de La Concorde and said to his executioner, “A King should stand to die.”
“Everyone kneels to the widow.”

The former king offered his bare neck to the guillotine.

La Veuve spared no one.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the radical right Christian cult fear the loss of power, wealth, and respect. Cocaine Mitch should remember history. They need money, not your prayers and thoughts.

$2000, freeing all crack and marijuana prisoners, defunding the police, testing police for drugs, disbanding the DEA and Homeland Security, ending the Endless War, Universal Health Care, Free Education, taxing religion, fixing the infrastructure, and taxing the hyper rich.

Moscow Mitch, you are on list.

Like Trump you will look good in orange.

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