Back in 2012 the BBC reported that former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi held a bunga-bunga party featuring strippers in nun uniforms for his guest. Each dancer was paid $2000 for her performance plus tips. This information came to light during the testimony of a dancer. One of her compatriots was rewarded with the post of regional councillor for Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party in Milan. Italians rolled their eyes at the allegations and most of the men wished that they had the money to experience the same pleasures.

Ah, Italy.

The USA is a completely different country and several years ago conservative politicians were outraged by the news that eleven Secret Service agents had frolicked with prostitutes in Columbia prior to the President’s arrival at the OAS conference. The episode at Cartagena’s Hotel Caribe came to light, after the local police were called by hotel staff to settle a disturbance caused by an agent’s refusal to pay his escort her fee.

$47 is the normal going rate for an evening of fun and games.

“I never pay for it.” The Cheap Charlie agent supposedly said to police.

A man always pays for it one way or the other.

Ask any farang in Pattaya.

President Obama was furious at the conduct of the advance party of Secret Service agents.

“What happened here in Colombia is being investigated by the director of the Secret Service. I expect that investigation to be thorough and to be rigorous. If it turns out that some of the allegations made in the press are confirmed, then of course I’ll be angry.”

Unlike Vegas what happens in Cartagena doesn’t stay in Cartagena, especially if your wing man is a cheapskate.

Oh, yes, a wanker too.

$47 is cheaper than a date at TGIF.

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