Dreams Of Buster Keaton – June 23, 2024

5:15 am

June 23


After a dream of Buster Keaton

As Venus de Milo

In my bed

I look out the window

At the June sky


With patches of blue

Forecast of thunderstorms

I not want my feet to touch the floor

I not want to be awake

I Listen

To ringing in my ears

The windows shut

Against the city


I hear the hum of millions of people.

I lie in bed



To go back

To sleep

To dream
To be

Buster Keaton

As Venus de Milo


Unlike life

We can’t repeat dreams

Except for nightmares.

For like life

Humans have no control over dreams.

According to Wikipedia The Venus de Milo is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, whose Roman counterpart was Venus. A fragment of an arm, a hand holding an apple, and two herms were also found alongside the original statue as well as other sculptural fragments found around the same time include a third herm, two further arms, and a foot with sandal.

Foto – Buster de Milo. Buster Keaton posing as the Venus de Milo in a promotional portrait, c. 1932.

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