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Thai Mai Thai

My family first came to Thailand in the 19th Century. Great Grand-Aunt Bert arrived in Bangkok on a clipper ship. Her father was the captain. The year was probably 1879, but on her 100th birthday she recounted seeing a city of golden temples surrounded by a jungle. “And all the women had black teeth from […]


Last summer a boat driver came over to our table at the Full Moon Bar in Jomtien. Tip liked to drink. The young Cambodian smiled at me and said something to Mam. I really didn’t understand what, but her reaction translated the meaning. Tip smiled at me again like I was an old fool. That […]

A HERO OF THE ROAD by Peter Nolan Smith

CHAPTER 1 A lice infestation swept through southern Maine in the winter of 1958 and every school district mandated crew cuts for all the boys without explaining why girls were exempt from this edict. Every Sunday night my father sheared his sons’ scalps to the bone with electric clippers and once we passed my mother’s […]

Fancy Colored Snakes

Last week Thai wildlife officers captured a monacled cobra. These snakes cause more deaths in Thailand than anywhere else in Southeast Asia, since the Naja kaouthia’s venom can cause death in less than an hour. I have seen them in pits at zoos. Nothing scares me more. One monsoon season I was staying on Koh […]

LOVE YOU LONG TIME – CHAPTER 4 by Peter Nolan Smith

The staff of the front desk at the Malaysia remembered my room. 203 overlooked the pool. Overweight farangs basked in the torrid sun like walruses oiled for a boiling pot. The bar girls sheltered in the shade, eating sum-tam or spicy papaya salad like the world was ending tomorrow or beginning by waking up next […]