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THE END OF RICE by Peter Nolan Smith

Thailand has many superstitions. One concerns rice. Never joke while eating or else a ghost will steal your rice. The ghosts will have to wait, for this is the beginning of the rainy season and throughout the Kingdom aging farmers are planting rice. The current price for jasmine rice per tonne from the wholesalers is […]

The Day After Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong has long been Thailand’s most beautiful festival with candle-lit balloons rising into a night sky illuminated by a full November moon. Ten years ago I was in Pattaya. Few girls and women dressed in the traditional costume. The police banned fireworks and their marine patrols gathered the krathong offerings less than 20 meters […]

Global Warming Warning On The River Kwai

Recently my wife daughter dog and I toured the River Kwai. The  deforested mountains were sported plumes of smoke from where  farmers were burning the slopes to cut back vegetation for orchards. When I mentioned this violation to the rangers at the forestry station, they shrugged with ineffectiveness. “Mai mi alai samlat yut fi mai.” They had no way […]

The Missing Of Loy Krathong

The most beautiful holidays in the world are the Hindu Diwali and Thailand’s Loy Krathong. These festivals of light celebrate the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. I have celebrated Diwali in Lhasa Tibet with the Indian cooks of the Snow Dragon Hotel and Loy Krathong with my wives and children. Sadly this […]

Siam or Thailand?

Pattaya is not in Siam but Thailand. Why? Supposedly military-backed government was scared Burma might invade Siam and sent new maps to Rangoon with Thailand instead of Siam. The generals figured the Burmese would think that Siam had vanished from the face of the planet, eliminating the need for war anymore and to be truthful […]