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WANTED MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

Staten Island was formed by the melt-off of the Ice Age. The fifth borough doesn’t exist to most New Yorkers, but my doctor lived next to the Tibetan Museum on Lighthouse Hill. Nick and I attended the same college and every year he invited me out to his house for my annual mdedical examination. Last […]

Sleeping on the Job #1

When I was a kid, some men would see road crews leaning on their shovels and called them lazy bastards. My father had worked a lumber camp in his youth and told his white-collar cohorts, “You’ve never worked a day in your life, if you say that.” He was an electrical engineer. His hands were […]

In Honor of Lassitude

Back in 2008 the BBC broadcast a story about a Bogota Museum honoring laziness with a week-long exhibition dedicated to a deeper understanding of lethargy. At last lassitude has achieved respect by intellectuals who too often have downplayed its importance to human existence.  Throughout the 80s and 90s my Sundays were devoted to ruminating before […]

Puying Mo-Ho

I’ve spent decades in the Orient. Any mention of these years to women in the USA usually resulted in their dsidainful regard. In their minds my Asian wives are subserviant sex slaves, because their racial prejudice mistake femininity for submisssion. They couldn’t be more wrong, even if the most wrong a man can be to […]

Trapped Like Rats

The Lower 48 States of the USA share land borders with two countries. Neither Canada nor Mexico will allow Americans to cross their frontiers. I am stuck in the USA. My families are in Thailand. My son Fenway, grandson Phot, and daughter Pam. And I have more. My daughter Angie. My grandson Sunsun. I have […]