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The Marxist Monster from Milwaukee

The Marxist Monster from Milwaukee Professor Bertell Ollman In 2005, as a protest against Israel, Ollman wrote and published a Letter of Resignation from the Jewish People, stating: “Socialist and ex-Jew that I am, I guess I still have too much respect and love for the Jewish tradition I left behind to want the world […]

Imagine Peace

/div> No silent night No peace on Earth Like Lennon sang Imagine Imagine Imagine Imagine no more them Imagine no more us Imagine only we are the world We are us. We are us. From the mountains And the valleys To the Oceans All around the world. No more prayers No more thoughts Only the […]

No Silent Night

Yesterday the IDF pounded Gaza with bombs and artillery, killing scores of civilians and wounding hundreds. Their national holocaust soul demands retribution for Hamas’ October 7 attack and their revenge has not be an eye for an eye. Not on Yom Kippur. Not on Hannukah. Not on Christmas. Extermination of the Palestiniand has been the […]

שוב רצח עם עז

Facebook has censored most of my comments on Gaza. I believe in the one state for all the peoples. Isrhael stole the land of Palestine with the help of the British and French after World War I, but that history don’t matter now. All the wars fought and the uprisings crushed and the apartheid oppression […]

Points of View for the Shabbat Goy

Since my return from the Land of the Dead, my friends have been phoning to hear my voice. They all say I sound better than before and this afternoon Big Abe called from $7th Street to say that he had seen an advertisement online for a Shabbat Goy ie that is a gentile to turn […]