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GUILT VERSUS SHAME by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the last century I left work on 47th Street early on December 24. Manny complained that I was deserting my post selling diamonds, but I had been working every day since Thanksgiving. “I should pay you a half-day.” Manny was a grinch of the first-order. “Do what you want. I’m heading home.” Boston […]

Sie Gesund The Mohel

Two days ago Philip L. Sherman, New York City’s most prominent mohel, passed away after performing over 27,000 circumcisions over forty-five years. A truly holy man, this mohel had time to play music and ride motorcycles between his busy schedule of B’rit milahs, an average of three daily. “My record is eleven in one day […]

Wanted In Thirty-eight States

Coming back from midtown Subway Sunday slow A Train to Brooklyn A younger older man He asks, “Are you famous?” Like Ulysees to the cyclops I say, “I am no one.” He begs to differ. “You are someone. My name is Prince. From East New York. I done twenty-five. For five murders. The po-lice shot […]

LOST BY THE EIGHT BALL by Peter Nolan Smith

None of the cops from the 9th Precinct were happy about the closing of the basement bar next to their station house in the summer of 1980. Even fewer were excited by its re-opening as a French bistro. Evelyn?s Bistro was another sign that the East Village was giving way to a new crowd. Not […]

New York Desolation – Poem November 30 1976

A last kiss through cold steel bars Accompany your parting glance Our worlds, met and joined Drift away in this final act Your steps echo off tunnel walls Becoming your last trace And they too vanish under the roar Of the subway that gives you escape In that moment I call out desperate You don’t […]