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Cops In The Good Old Days

Nightclub raconteur Steve Lewis wrote on Blackbook.com that the NYPD harassment of the nightclub GREENHOUSE appeared to be blatant racism. http://www.blackbookmag.com/racism-core-greenhouse-harassment/ That certainly seems to be the case. The police hate nightclubs, because they don’t get payoffs like the ‘good ole days’ unless they put pressure on the joint and then the ‘bagman’ comes to […]

LOST BY THE EIGHT BALL by Peter Nolan Smith

None of the cops from the 9th Precinct were happy about the closing of the basement bar next to their station house in the summer of 1980. Even fewer were excited by its re-opening as a French bistro. Evelyn’s Bistro was another sign that the East Village was giving way to a new crowd. Not […]

Safer Biking In NYC

Two nights ago I was bicycling up to the Williamsburg Bridge. A small crowd of bikers were gathered opposite the old Williamsburg Bank. I slowed down and spotted several city officials handing out night lights for bikes. Free. I got into line and a young man came up to me. “We’re from the DOT of […]

GUILT VERSUS SHAME by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the last century I left work on 47th Street early on December 24. Manny complained that I was deserting my post selling diamonds, but I had been working every day since Thanksgiving. “I should pay you a half-day.” Manny was a grinch of the first-order. “Do what you want. I’m heading home.” Boston […]

Revenue Pirates

Two days ago I bicycled over to Chinatown. All the restaurants were closed after the storm, however one store was selling box lunches to the powerless neighborhood. Within minutes health inspectors descended on this violators of the health code and forced customers to give back their food without a refund. Fucking city. It’s back to […]