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November 28, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Alice is busy with the play again. Two dates at Irving Plaza scheduled for December and I have been employed as the bouncer. That’s all I am good for thanks to my wicked smile and speedy fists. Alice’s only reason to be with me is as her protector, but never her pimp, although she denies […]

November 27, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

for us all. Two weeks ago Bill Yusk fronted me an ounce of hashish. I’ve yet to sell any of it. I can’t even be a drug dealer and worse I’ve smoke a quarter ounce. Ann brought home Sherry. I have slowly acquire a taste for the British liquor, although sherry tastes too much like […]

April 11, 1982 Paris – Journal Entry

One Easter morning in Paris I’m playing backgammon for money with a Chilean coke dealer in a basement apartment across from Notre Dame. I have two Moulin Rouge dancers with me. Dressed in their show gear. Snorting coke, drinking whiskey coke and beating Jose every game. Dawn comes and the cathedral bells are bonging out […]

Journal Entry – Poetry – November 11, 1978 – East Village

The battlefields crossed the world Suez, Flanders, the Dardenelles, Tannenberg, Africa, Asia 1914-1918 Sarajevo to Versailles Tear gas, machine guns, ditches, airplanes, poison gas, tanks Death in a thousand fields Gallipoli, Verdun, the Somme The slaughter. Nation’s will, Emperor’s greed, Man’s strength versus an industry geared to blood Now empire’s gone Although will millions of […]

October 31, 1979 – Journal Entry -East Village

Halloween, the pagan holy night after a warm autumn day with the sun streaming through the alley windows to mock my darkness. New York City. Rural devil-worshipping cults celebrate Satan and covens must exist on the island of Manhattan, but once the juvenile trick-or-treaters have scored their candy, the night belongs to the young punks, […]