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December 28, 1978 – East Village – Journal

At Hurrah the Senders and Karen Bihari played tonight. Neither group were my favs, but Sen Cassette was the DJ and my friends and co-workers; Anthony, Grant, Idelles, Jim, Bop and many others celebratedtheir freedom from family holidays. Jhoury served me a vodka OJ. Before I took a sip, a hand grabbed my arm. A […]

BET ON CRAZY 1 by Peter Nolan Smith

In the 1970s I knew very little about diamonds as a child other than Superman could squeeze coal with his steel-hard hands to create diamonds and my father had bought a diamond ring for my mother. It was a hundredth of the size of the diamonds Superman never gave to Lois Lane, but my mother […]

October 31, 1979 – Journal Entry -East Village

Halloween, the pagan holy night after a warm autumn day with the sun streaming through the alley windows to mock my darkness. New York City. Rural devil-worshipping cults celebrate Satan and covens must exist on the island of Manhattan, but once the juvenile trick-or-treaters have scored their candy, the night belongs to the young punks, […]


We saw in New Year’s Eve at Hurrah and then took a taxi downtown. Traffic congested before Madison Square Garden. A skinny blonde man with orange-blonde hair stood bare-chested the the traffic. Cheetah Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and we shouted the lead guitarist’s name in passing. Alice, Anthony, Alexa, and I got out […]

THE ROAD TO KABUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Afghanistan was a two-day drive from Italy in the summer of 1972. At the end of the school year my future friend Gianni bought a school bus in Milano and told his parents that he was going on vacation. Kabul was his destination. His parents offered to pay the gas, viewing the venture as a […]