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COLD TURKEY john lennon

I like nothing better than left-over turkey for a post-thanksgiving jolt of big bird coma, then John Lennon says it best in COLD TURKEY To view his holiday gem, please go to the following URL


A traveler stands on Route 15. All around Bobby BeBadd the Sonoran desert The hot asphalt Under his feet. The sun parching his Gringo skin Skag soothing his Gringo soul But Bobby wants more Water Shade More Culiacan heroin And Mazatlan. A coastal city. He just liked the name. Mazatlan. Nahuatal for abundant deer. If […]


My 31st birthday party at Jurgen’s house on Rue de la Tour with Bridget, Tony, Tracy, Alfredo, Karine, Diana, Olivier, T, Rufus, David, Philip Brook, everyone absolutely smacked out on Persian brown. Tony, Traci, and Julie Cole were the only straight person. The less about this evening the better. Tony later said, “Anyone who can […]


FAMOUS FOR NEVER A STORY OF FAME AND MISFORTUNE BY PETER NOLAN SMITH Rome wasn’t burnt in a day. – James Steele MANGOZEEN BOOKS 2022 In the 1970s city politicians launched countless projects to stem the tide of ‘white flight’. None of the doomed programs achieved their goals and the population of the Lower East […]

You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A Memory

In May 1984 I ran into Johnny Thunders in Paris. He was playing at the Gibus club outside Republique. His manager was a German drug dealer. I owed Chris $200 for an 8-ball I had bought in 1982. It hadn’t been half-bad. “You have to pay me.” The German thought he was a tough guy. […]