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ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith – CHAPTER 1

Greta showed for an evening rendezvous in Hamburg’s harbor district. She was dressed in slick leather and arrived on time in anticipation of a sordid evening of sex with her lover. The tall blonde got out of her car. Willi was not on the desolate street. She heard footsteps and a black man and a […]

THE BOUQUET OF RUINS by Peter Nolan Smith

Dec 1982 Some cities are best defined by songs such as APRIL IN PARIS or AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, but Hamburg defied music, especially as winter weather skimmed off the North Sea to besiege the harbor city with endless rain, cold, and darkness. Every day the night conquered a few more minutes of light and […]

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith – CHAPTER 1

A scurry of claws scratched across the damp basement floor and the woman on the battered chair lifted her black stiletto heels in horror, but rats were the least of her problems. This afternoon her lover had phone to suggest a rendezvous in Hamburg’s harbor district. She had arrived after dark in anticipation of an […]

Henri Flesh RIP

My good friend Henri Flesh passed from this earth. We met in Paris. The two of us worked at Bsir’s in Hamburg. Henri on the turntable. Me at the door. Back when we were young.

HANG ON SLOOPY by David Porter

In my younger years of my life I knew girls known Sandie, Samantha, Suzanne, Sara, but never a Sloopy. Doctor Nick and I went to college with a girl whose name sounded by Sloopy. The slight brunette came from Roxbury. Her major was in nursing, but she danced weekends at the Two O’Clock Lounge in […]